Ralph Greco, Jr. Releases “A Few Wild Beasts To Be Dread” With UK Publisher Scimitar Edge

UK Publisher Releases Author’s Latest Cross-Genre Sci-Fi Short Story Collection

SWANSEA, WALES – Author Ralph Greco, Jr. has published his latest science fiction short story collection, A Few Wild Beasts To Be Dreaded, through UK imprint Scimitar Edge. Scimitar Edge is a registered imprint of Purple Unicorn Media, a publisher Greco has worked with previously in releasing his children’s books.

Greco, Jr., has seen his science fiction shorts published online, in small press and major markets, most notably “Nature Magazine,” in the UK. The twenty-two stories in his “Beasts” collection are cross-genre shorts where Greco weaves satire and sometimes erotica (or both) in his other-world setting and fantastic occurrences.

“Having published some science fiction in Purple Unicorn’s “Infinity Wanderers Magazine” and working with CEO Jon Davies to put two children’s books I wrote out from his Dancing Unicorn imprint, I was very confident, and frankly quite flattered, to get this book out with Scimitar Edge.”

With a cover illustration by artist Joe Swarctz, the book’s title taken from a Jonathan Swift quote, Greco, Jr. and Scimitar Edge hopes readers will enjoy these short stories.

A Few Wild Beasts To Be Dreaded can be found at: https://www.amazon.com/Few-Wild-Beasts-Dreaded/dp/1915692083

Contact: purpleunicornmedia@gmail.com


Ralph Greco, Jr. is a professional writer and musician living in the wilds of suburban New Jersey on the east coast of the U.S. Ralph has had his essays, fiction, one-acts plays, songs, scripts, and poetry published in eight countries, in small press, anthologies, major market and online.


Purple Unicorn Media is a Nielsen-registered publisher supporting their “Scimitar Edge Imprint” of science fiction, history, biographies, and memoir books, “Dancing Unicorn,” focusing on titles for children, young people, and early teens, and “Infinity Wanderers” speculative fiction magazine. PUM is located in Swansea, Wales, UK.

Press inquiries: info@purpleunicornmedia.com

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