Rachel Nichols throws a few hints out on season two of ‘Continuum’

Later tonight on the UK Syfy Channel the second season of Continuum will begin and in order to help promote it Syfy UK were kind enough to arrange for...

Rachel Nichols

Later tonight on the UK Syfy Channel the second season of Continuum will begin and in order to help promote it Syfy UK were kind enough to arrange for us to ask the shows star Rachel Nichols a few questions about the series.

SciFiPulse: First off how did you get involved with Continuum and what attracted you to the role of Kiera?

Rachel Nichols: It was a very unorthodox and different way that I become involved with the show because I got hold of the original script from a girlfriend of mine.

One of her friends was cast in the show and she thought of me and sent me the script and I read it, and pretty much after reading the first ten pages I thought, ‘Wow this show is really good.’ It was really interesting, really smart and the character unlike a lot of other character you see on TV especially for a lead female role was really strong.

So I passed the script on to my team and we started to pursue it because it was something that we all felt very strongly about. So I jumped through all the hoops and went in and auditioned and then sat around looking at other offers and suddenly moved to Canada.

SFP: From what I was able to watch of the show last year. It pretty much sees Kiera taken out of her comfort zone and thrown into the past where the rules are different. How do you think she has adjusted to that change as we pick things up in the second season?

Rachel Nichols: The first season was very much about her thinking, ‘I’ve got to get home.’

In the second season she still wants to get home, but she has to start realizing that her actions in the present may have ramifications on how the future that she has come from turns out.
?So for her it’s a question of what she is doing in this time because she is very accustomed now to the present day. There are certain occasions where she’s still learning new things or picking up certain cultural references, which don’t land with her as much as they would with someone of the time. She’s now driving a car and has gotten a nice little apartment and she’s becoming much more accomplished, which is not to say she is becoming comfortable parse, but just sort of used to her surroundings and learning how to better operate in the present day as apposed to how she operated in the future, which was kind of rely on the tech.

There’s a lot more instinct involved this season as well. The conscious choices that she is making this season knowing that they may alter her future is one of the larger mechanisms about her becoming accustomed to the present day.

She’s used to being here now, but she has to remember that she is not from here. She’s got to stay aware of that all the time.

SFP: One of the things I loved about the first season was the sexy suit you wore, but it was the tech that came alone with it that had me intrigued in that I loved the effects where the graphics showed us viewers what you were seeing via the suit. Will we see more of that this year?

Rachel Nichols: Absolutely, we have just as much of that this year. You still get your future flash forwards of the time where Keira came from.

All of that is still very much a part. The Hub, the CMR. Its all still very much a part of how she operates on a daily basis and there are a couple of new tricks that will come up this season. As in a couple of new things the suit can do that I didn’t know it could do.

SFP: Without giving to much away. What can tell us about the second season of Continuum because for many the season one finale was quiet a jaw dropper. So how much more escalation of last seasons events can we expect going into the new season?

Rachel Nichols: It’s very interesting. A lot of the relationships are changing because of what happened at the close of last season.

Alec receives a messaged from his future self and no one really knows what’s going on in its entirely by the end of season one.

Alec becomes very concerned with what he is becoming. His relationship with Keira in season two is definitely beginning to show signs of strain.

Keira’s relationship with Carlos also begins to show signs of strain because he is not an idiot. She’s running out of excuses saying things like, ‘It’s complicated or I got lucky.’ He’s not buying it anymore and its becoming increasingly difficult for him to trust her.

At the beginning of season one Keira is very much a lone wolf. She has essentially gone rogue, which is kind of what she wants because she can take care of business as she sees fit without being confined by rules and regulations of the police department.

But she’s lonely and its a very lonely existence to be out on your own.

There’s also a big divide in Liberate in which Liberate factions will be at odds with each other for a big part of the season. Which will provide a lot of interesting battles as well as lies and deceit, which we all love.

And there will be some very touching emotional moments as well in season two. We’ll meet Keira’s sister. Crazy Jason is back, who is played by Ian Tracy and Nicholas Lea’s character Agent Gardner returns as well.

There’s a lot of things in season two taken from the kernels of season one, which come more into focus as the show moves forward.

I always tell people, ‘Most of the questions you have from the first season will be answered, but for every question you get answered five new questions will pop into your brain.

SFP: If you had your pick of guest actors for the show. Who would you most like the chance to work with?

Rachel Nichols: Ah wow that’s a really good question. I’ve always found scifi fans to be the greatest and obviously Lexa Doig and Roger Cross were all on other series. I think I’m the only person in the cast that was not previously on a scifi show and I love it. I think its great.

I never really got to watch a lot of television growing up. So have only really become familiar with the scifi genre during the years that I have been working in the industry.

I’m sure that someone who is a gigantic Star Trek fan would have a fantastic suggestion because right now… I think David Duchovny’s rather attractive could we get him on the show [Laughs], but yeah. I’m not the right person to answer that question.

SFP: I think it be fun to get David Duchovny on. Especially given that you already have William B. Davis (Smoking Man) as the future version of Alec.

Rachel Nichols: Oh that would be brilliant. I would love that, but he doesn’t particularly like working in Canada so I’m not sure that we could get that.

Tune in to Syfy UK later tonight for the UK premier of Continuum’s second season.

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