PS5 Showcase 2021 Reveals Timed Exclusive for Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic and Much, Much More

Star Wars and Marvel fans get some surprise news from the Playstation 5 Showcase.

Last night PS5 Star Wars fans got a lovely surprise as they were teased with the announcement of a remake for Star Wars: Knights of The Old Republic. But that was not the only genre tie-in game that was massively pimped at the online event.

Marvel fans also get an eyeful as Eidos showed off some of the graphics and gameplay from their forthcoming Guardians of The Galaxy Game, which is expected to hit stores in October. But the bigger announcements came in the second half of the presentation when Hermen Hulst. The head of Playstation Studios showed off what we can expect to see in the next couple of years. Teased first was a game featuring Wolverine, which is to be titled Wolverine and is being produced by Insomnia games. The brief trailer for this game sees Wolverine sitting in a bar minding his own business. But as someone is about to attack his claws spring out from his knuckles.



No due date was given for this game. But given that Spider-Man 2 is scheduled for 2023. Our guess is Wolverine will either follow Spidey in the same year or perhaps drop at some time in 2024.

The penultimate game to be showed off via Playstation Studio for PS5 was the much anticipated Spider-Man 2, which will feature the return of Peter Parker and Miles Morales, but with the addition of Venom. Hopefully, players will get to experience play as Venom as well as Miles and Peter at some point in the game. You can view the teaser for this new game below.



Added to these games were exclusive reveals for remastered versions of Uncharted 4: Drakes Fortune as well as Lost Legacy. We also saw footage from the new God of War game. As well as the remastered version of Alan Wake.

Overall. It’s looking like Playstation 5 owners are in for a fantastic two years of exclusives. You can learn more about some of these forthcoming games in a fantastic video hosted by Mystic, which is included below.


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