‘Preacher’ Will Be Edgy & Nihilistic Says Ruth Negga

New AMC 'Preacher' Series Will Be Edgy & Intelligent Drama

Later this month will see the AMC premier of ‘Preacher’, which is Seth Rogen’s adaptation of the cult comic book series created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon.

In a recent interview with Hollywood Reporter series star Ruth Negga described the ‘Preacher’ as an “anarchist, nihilistic” take on the comics.

“You’re getting into anarchy, essentially. It’s an anarchist, nihilistic view of the world with a super intelligent spin,” the actress said.

“It’s all about questions, really. That’s super important in our lives — questions — but you enter a world which is fantastical, and also rooted in reality.”

‘Preacher’ casts Marvel favourite   Dominic Cooper as Jesse Custer, a Texas preacher on a mission to meet his fallen God.

Tailed on his mission by Gun toting ex-girlfriend Tulip O’Hare (Negga) and disfigured sidekick Arseface (Ian Colletti), Jesse’s faith is tested by sin and supernatural forces alike.

Seth Rogen along with producing partner Evan Goldberg have adapted the DC Comics series for the small screen with ‘Breaking Bad‘s’ Sam Catlin.

The series premieres on AMC in the US on May 22.

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