The Power of Art In Sci-Fi Productions

Sci-fi productions, probably more than any other type of creative output, require an amazing grasp of art in order to truly be able to immerse the viewer into the...

Sci-fi productions, probably more than any other type of creative output, require an amazing grasp of art in order to truly be able to immerse the viewer into the science fiction world. Because what is the art of the future? What is the art of an alternative universe? We don’t know. Which means, for visual purposes, the producers of the sci-fi genre have to make it up, and make it up confidently.

To illustrate a few points around this idea, think about the artistic link to creative development, a few examples of movie sci-fi magic in productions like Star Wars or in horror films, the creation of mood, tone, and branding, and now how computer rendering has allowed art to move with more accurate physics than ever before.

The Link To Creative Development

Art and science combine in a few interesting ways, even outside of sci-fi. Consider that art is linked to creative development, and then it’s no surprise that in the creative genres of production, art is always going to play a central role. Even for people who aren’t artistically inclined themselves, almost every person recognizes good, believable art when they see it.

Movie Magic – Star Wars

Think about one of the most popular movies of all time, Star Wars. It’s absolutely science fiction, and without the art, it wouldn’t exist. Without the designs of the droids, or the technical details of the Death Star, the entire production would have very little impact. It’s the art that moves the movie from being just a great story, to being an epic experience that we want to watch over and over again.

Psychological Art In Horror Films

And how much thought do you think went into the art of the Alien movie franchise. So much of the sense of horror and claustrophobia came directly from the set design, it’s impossible to think what the movie would have been without it. The entire feel would have been different with even small changes in the artistic virtual makeup.

Creation of Mood, Tone, and Branding

Especially in sci-fi, art sets the mood, tone, and even branding of a production. Everything from the color scheme to any font associated with it has to be vetted until there’s no doubt that the ultimate decision is perfect. There’s a lot of money at stake in the big productions, so the details are what makes everything come together.

Computer Physics and Rendering

And technology today is part of what’s helping this process move along today in the realm of realism as well. New graphics programs are taking sci-fi potential to the next level of believability, especially when it comes to things like natural movement through accurate physics.

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