Peter Mayhew bids farewell to Kenny Baker

Mayhew lovingly speaks to those things that he and Baker shared in common in a touching tribute.

Peter Mayhew, the actor who has portrayed Chewbacca in Star Wars since 1977, has gone onto social media and posted a touching tribute to his co-star and friend, Kenny Baker who recently passed away. Kenny Baker was the actor who helped to bring R2 D2, science fiction’s most beloved robot, side kick and lovably heroic companion of all time to life, right alongside Mayhew’s Chewbacca since the beginning of the entire Star Wars phenomenon.

Here is what Mayhew had to say, “My sadness is profound and no words seem adequate to convey what we collectively and I personally have lost with the passing of my dear friend Kenny Baker. Kenny and I became fast friends the first time we met and formed a lifelong bond after realizing that we had so much in common.

Although people liked to contrast the difference in our heights, we found we shared many of the same struggles, from finding clothes, driving cars and fitting in airplane seats, to health issues along with the ever constant stares of strangers; we understood each other on a level that few others can.

I am so very glad I got to spend time with him in London earlier this month. His talent and his wicked sense of humor never diminished even as his health did. Ever the showman, Kenny was always eager to meet his fans. In the decades we knew each other, I never met anyone who enjoyed the public more.

For all the joy he brought this world on screen and off, I give my thanks and a final farewell to my little friend with the giant heart who’s gone to soon. Rest in Peace Kenny.

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