Thanks to the campy post-credits scene in which Ryan Reynold’s Deadpool told the audience in a fun nod to ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off‘, that Cable would indeed join him for a Deadpool sequel, fans and well known actors alike now seem to be chiming in with just who should play the time traveling apocalyptic mutant son of Scott Summers and Jean Grey.

Interestingly, even the creator of Cable Rob Liefield, has offered his thoughts on which Hollywood actor he thinks would be a good fit to play the mysterious mutant leader from the future, naming Mad Men’s John Hamm as his top pick. Other well known actors such as Avitar’s Stephen Lang and even Rocky III star Dolph Lundgren have also recently come out and expressed some interest in potentially playing the kick-ass big gun toting Cable.

However, one actor who would seem to absolutely have the ability and presence needed to play the action oriented Cable has likewise expressed a keen interest in taking on the role in the next Deadpool movie. Ron Perlman best known for many amazing comic-like and action packed tough guy roles such as Hellboy and most recently Sons of Anarchy, has also gone on social media to let his desire to be cast in the role of Cable be publicly known.

Perlman has not only indicated out that he has the looks and build to play Cable, but specifically pointed out that he’s also got the hair needed for the role. Which he does! While it is far too soon to be able to predict whether or not Perlman might even be considered for the coveted role, no one can deny that he certainly has the kind of experience and credibility to be accepted by the movie and comic-fan community should he actually be offered the role.