In Review: Penny Dreadful – Good And Evil Braided Be

Vanessa is confronted by a familiar who reveals a clue to her past.

Synopsis: In this episode of ‘Penny Dreadful’ Vanessa is confronted by a familiar who reveals a clue to her past.

Review: This third episode of the third season starts off with Vanessa having a heated exchange with her psychiatrist Dr. Seward. The exchange ends with Vanessa storming out.

The action then switches to Bedlam where Dr. Jekyll’s experiment reveals a weakness as the calming effect on his patient wears off. Victor who is helping Jekyll with the experiment suggests that they collaborate using what he has learned about electricity.

Back in the city centre of London Vanessa is entertaining her zoologist friend while John Claire is watching from a distance smiling. The penny drops as Claire proceeds to have a flash back of his life before he was brought back from death by Victor Frankenstein.

Haunted by these new memories John Claire is compelled to find his family and old life.

In America Malcolm and his new friend Kaetenay have started to track Ethan and come across the scene of a grizzly murder in a cabin. Meanwhile elsewhere Ethan and Hecate are camping in the desert and sharing an intense exchange in which Hecate states that she wants to be by Ethan’s side when he finally excepts the darkness inside himself. Ethan is not impressed and the discussion is interrupted by Detective Rusk and a posse of cowboys who are not playing nice.

Lilly and Dorian Grey continue with their initiation of the new member to their club. Justine the teen prostitute who they saved from being butchered. Justine is tasked with brutally murdering her former owner and pimp. She does so willingly and with some degree of enthusiasm. They all proceed to roll around naked in a kinky threesome in the victims blood. Covered in blood Lilly explains to Justine that she has been recruited as part of an army that will be made up of the prostitutes, unwanted and dispossessed. She tasks Justine with finding people and recruiting them so that she and Dorian can build their power base. As to what that will be for as yet remains to be seen.

John Claire finally tracks down his family, but does not try to reintroduce himself fro obvious reasons. His son seems to be suffering with a pretty bad case of TB.

Vanessa is approached in the streets by a vampire from her past. The vampire teases and taunts her about the time that he and his master Dracula visited her padded cell when she was in an asylum. The vampire then scurries off only to be later killed by his master for engaging with Vanessa.

Vanessa who is obviously spooked by the vampire hurries back to Dr. Seward and asks to be hypnotized so she can go back to the time when she was in the padded cell and remember it. Dr. Seward warns of the dangers, but Vanessa is steadfast and insistent. As the hypnotherapy begins Vanessa is taken back to the cell. She hears a knock on the metal door of the cell and in enters John Claire in his original form before Victor Frankenstein mutilated his body and created the monster.

This third episode ‘Penny Dreadful’ packed a heck of lot of stuff into it, which I am likely to be thinking on for some time. The revelation that John Claire knew Vanessa when she was at her most vulnerable is a pretty ballsy move to make by ‘Penny Dreadful’s’ writing staff. It will be interesting to see if any additional flashbacks come up about this from the point of view of John Claire in future episodes.

I’m also curious to know what Lilly and Dorian have planned. I have to wonder who is on Lilly’s hit list. She seems to have confided a fair bit in Justine about her bad experiences with men, but also mentioned some distant memories about her time with Ethan. A relationship, which was only cut short by her death.

In John Claire’s flashback scenes it is kind of apparent in some instances that he has TB much like his son and Lilly also died of TB. So have to wonder if that connection is relevant to the story as things move forward.

Overall ‘Penny Dreadful’s’ third season to date is proving to be every bit as enthralling as the second season, but I can’t help but think that we have a few more pieces to the puzzle box to come.

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