Simon Pegg almost quit writing Star Trek: Beyond

It seems that Pegg felt that the pressure of writing for such a large project was immense and at times insurmountable.

With the recent cinematic release of Star Trek: Beyond to rave fan and media revues, Simon Pegg is seemingly riding high on the Trek wave of success, especially since the third film in the recently rebooted series raked in a very impressive $89.6 million dollars in box office receipts. The reason this would be so important where Pegg is concerned is because not only did he have a significant role in the movie as the iconic Enterprise chief engineer, Montgomery Scott, but the actor was also instrumental in writing the well received script for Star Trek: Beyond.

That Trek writing process however seemed to the actor to at times be what he referred to as “. . . an insurmountable task.” In a recent interview with Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald, Pegg admits to nearly giving up on both writing and even appearing in the film. Pegg is not new to writing movie scripts, having co-written, produced and starred in films such as Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and The World’s End, Pegg described the Star Trek: Beyond writing process by saying, “We had a script. They threw it out and they wanted a new one,” he said. “I felt it was an insurmountable task.

As the process of writing the Star Trek script continued, Pegg admits to having had moments in which he questioned himself, his talent as well as his skill to such an extent that he seemingly quit working on ST:Beyond, in which he also co-starred as the much loved Mr. Scott. Luckily however for Pegg, the franchise and the fans, the movie’s executive producer and past director, JJ Abrams was able to help lift Pegg out of his writing funk every single time the writer/actor needed it. “I quit like three times, I think. Every time, JJ Abrams said, ‘Oh come on, Simon.’

But in true form and as a testament to Pegg’s amazing skill, talent and perseverance, he was in fact able to complete writing Star Trek: Beyond to not only rave revues, but also box office success. Well done Simon and good job ‘Making It So‘ sir!

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