Patrick Ness Aims To Shock With ‘Doctor Who’ Spin-Off ‘Class’

“I can tell you that it does not involve Clara."

A couple of weeks back we all learned that the BBC was to produce a new ‘Doctor Who’ spin-off series titled ‘Class’, which is to be set at Coal Hill Secondary School.

In a recent interview for Entertainment Weekly ‘Class’ head writer and producer Patrick Ness gave a little more insight into the series, which will be aimed at teenagers and young adults.

According to Ness the plan is to run the series in the Autumn of 2016.

“I can tell you that it does not involve Clara,” he told the site after confirming once again that it will be set in Coal Hill School. “I’ve tweeted this, so I don’t think I’m breaking anyone’s confidence.”

Beyond this Ness doesn’t give much more away, but he does say he is excited to be lending his Ya expertise to the series.

“The idea is to take everything that I love about YA, which is the great breadth of it and the great depth of it and its fearlessness about the emotional stuff and its fearlessness about emotional truth, and the way that it takes teenage characters seriously as complex human beings, and just put that on television in the Doctor Who universe, and that sounded very, very exciting to me,” he says.

On Twitter the writer has had various request from fans to bring various aspects of ‘Doctor Who’ into the show, but the writer would prefer to bring his own flare to the project before dipping into the proverbial well.

“I want to show the world new stuff,” he says. “I want to have new things that maybe we haven’t seen before. That’s my goal. That’s what I’m aiming for — shock you with something new. Something like the Weeping Angels, which I think are great, are brand new. Steven Moffat invented them a couple seasons ago. There’s not going to be any weeping angels on Class, but I’m just saying that they’re something new to the Doctor Who universe that are just awesome, and I would like to do that.”

In preparing for the series Ness has revealed that he has looked to form partnerships with various other writers and producers in order to try and make ‘Class’ reach beyond its intended teenage audience.

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