Past Walking Dead cast member to return

Get ready for the surprise return of a Waling Dead series regular in the midseason premier

This coming Sunday, February 14th, 2016Robert Kirkman’s mega hit zombie apocalypse show returns to AMC for the second half of The Walking Dead’s sixth season, for what will be a zombie filled and rather bloody episode which will undoubtedly be enjoyed by millions of rabid zombie fans.

A close look at the promotional images released by AMC has unlocked a shocking truth behind the reappearance of a cast member who is set to potentially return in the upcoming midseason premier.

While fans of The Walking Dead bid what was thought to be a fond farewell to series regular Tovah Feldshuh, who played Deanna Monroe, the leader of the Alexandria safe zone; it seems that Deanna will be returning as a . . . . zombie!

Looking at a photo of Deanna and looking at a close up of a zombie in one of the released promotional images from AMC, we can see that the zombie is wearing the same blue shirt Deanna does, with one very telling additional sign; both the zombie as well as Deanna have on the same necklace.

It does not take much more convincing to realize that a recently bitten Deanna,  who was left to face off a horde of zombies in the very last episode will be returning to walk the streets of Alexandria as one of the living dead in search of a tasty meal. The only question is who will she be feasting on and more importantly, who will put her out of her mystery?

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