Part II of SciFi’s Top 30 Science Fiction weapons & Swords

This is Part II of the top 30 SciFi Weapons with the Top 10 Sci Fi Swords SciFiPulse has come up with in a three part list of 30 of the most influential and loved SciFi weapons in the universe.

As before in Part I of the Universe’s top 30 Scifi weapons there are those within Geekdom who will take issue with those weapons chosen by SciFiPulse as the most influential and well-loved weapons in science fiction history. This second part of the three part article focuses on ten of the most influential swords in SciFi history.

Top Ten SciFi Swords:

1. Jedi Knight/Sith Lightsaber:

The lightsaber was a weapon used by both the Jedi who protected the Galactic Republic, as well as the Sith who stood in direct opposition to the Jedi Order. All Lightsabers were basically a powerful plasma blade, capable of cutting threw most materials, and used as a Jedi Knight’s self defense to patrol and protect the galaxy. Lightsabers could be many different colors and were powered by kyber crystals and usually fitted within the hilt of a lightsaber.

A lightsaber was an elegant weapon for a more civilized time within the galaxy, which required great skill and training by its force-sensitive user. While lightsabers were also used by the Sith, the lightsaber became synonymous throughout the galaxy with the Jedi Order who served to protect the democratic ideals of the Republic.

2. Thundercats Sword of Omens:

The Sword of Omens is both a legendary and great cultural treasure/weapon to the renowned Thundercats. The Sword of Omens holds within its hilt the War Stone, which is one of the most powerful weapons on Third Earth, home of the Thundercats. The great sword is kept within the Gauntlet of Omens, which itself holds the Spirit Stone and both are carried by the current Lord of the ThunderCats, Liono.

3. Jon Snow’s Longclaw sword:

Longclaw is made of Valyrian steel and was the ancestral weapon of House Mormont, which was given to Jon Snow by one of the commanders of the Night’s Watch, Jeor Mormont. Before giving the sword to Snow, Mormont had the sword’s pommel replaced from a bear to a dire wolf, which is the sigil of House Stark.

It was, however, thanks to Jon Snow and Longclaw that it is was discovered that both Valyrian steel and dragon glass can kill a White Walker. Likewise, by using Longclaw, Jon Snow discovered that by killing a White Walker, all those created by that Walker would, in turn, be destroyed. At the Battle of the Long Night, it was Longclaw wielded by Jon Snow, which was instrumental in stopping the Night King and the coming Winter from overwhelming the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

4. Thundarr the Barbarian’s Sunsword:

The Sunsword is a magical weapon, which was given to Thundarr the Barbarian by Princess Ariel. The Sunsword is attached to Thundarr’s left wristband and is turned on and off by Thundar’s mental commands.

The Sunsword is very capable of cutting through most materials and can also deflect many different types of energy blasts. Thundarr’s Sunsword is also capable of disrupting magical spells, with the swords only known weakness is being struck by Nega-Lightning.

5. Duncan MacLeod’s Dragon-head katana:

Of all the many sword’s used over the centuries by the legendary immortal Duncan MacLeod, the Dragonhead katana is MacLeod’s preferred weapon and was given to him by his samurai mentor, Hideo Koto, in 1778.

The Dragonhead katana was forged in the same year of MacLeod’s birth (1592), and given to Duncan after Hideo trained MacLeod in the martial arts and Bushido, with Duncan vowing to protect the Koto family.

The katana’s hilt is two-handed and made of ivory. The katana also features six intricate and individual scenes carved into it, which end in the distinctive dragon’s head at the sword’s pommel.

6. Black Knight’s Ebony Blade:

The Ebony Blade is an enchanted blade, magically created by Merlin the Magician from a fallen meteor. The sword was originally referred to as the Black Blade and meant to be a counterpart to King Arthur’s Excalibur.

First given to Sir Percy of Scandia, the first Black Knight, by Merlin, the sword acquired a curse due to all of the bloodshed with it by Sir Percy. The powerful curse may turn its user mad with the desire to kill more and more enemies. and if enough blood is shed by the sword, it can turn its wielder into the Bloodwraith.

The Ebony Blade was ultimately passed down to Sir Percy’s descendant, Dane Whitman, the current Black Knight who was able to cleanse the Ebony Blade‘s curse.

The Ebony Blade will deflect most magic and when angled in a certain way, can even absorb energy aimed its way. The sword is capable of cutting through most substances, is virtually indestructible, while also being linked to its wielder, who can be injured, but not killed.

7. Michonne’s Katana Blade:

After the zombie outbreak began, Michonne found the katana in a neighbor’s home while searching for supplies. The former lawyer turned bad-ass zombie killer, learned to use the Katana thanks to prior fencing training as well as by nature of killing zombies daily once the world ended.

The katana blade is a long and curved, single-edged samurai sword approximately 40 inches long, with a 28-inch blade length, and a unique handle.

The sword is Michonne’s signature weapon and is one of the most formidable and best-known weapons in the Walking Dead Universe. Michonne carries the sword around the apocalypse strapped to her back and when not hunting zombies, it sits on the mantle of her Alexandria home.

8. He-Man’s Sword of Power:

The Sword of Power is also known as the Sword of Grayskull and was given to Prince Adam of Eternia by the Sorceress of Grayskull, and is thought to actually be powered by Eternia’s deity, the Goddess.

The Sword of Power transforms Prince Adam into He-Man, when he says, “By the Power of Greyskull!”, who is said to be the most powerful man in the universe. The Sword of Power also allows He-Man to tap directly into the powers of Greyskull, and also transforms Prince Adam’s pet tiger, Cringer, into the powerful Battle Cat.

The Sword of Power also has a companion and identical sword, known as the Sword of Protection, carried by She-Ra, with the exception that it has a blue glowing stone embedded in the sword’s hilt.

Both swords are capable of cutting through most substances and can deflect many forms of energy blasts, however, the Sword of Protection can change its shape into a variety of different weapons, which is an ability not shared by the Sword of Power.

9. Conan’s Atlantean Sword:

This magnificent sword was discovered by Conan after the Barbarian fell into a forgotten pit of a long-dead king, from whose skeletal hands Conan took the sword as his own.

Conan’s sword is said to have been forged from an unknown metal, with rune inscriptions on both sides of the blade from no language spoken on the Thurian continent. The sword was said to be hand finished at over five feet long, which might make it close to six feet including the grip.

The Atlantean Sword is said to have been the only version in the world, which Conan swung with one or both hands, making its impact deadly and brutal when brought down by the large and very powerful Barbarian.

10. Ka D’Argo’s Qualta Blade:

The Qualta blade is a traditional Luxan weapon, which is oftentimes passed down from one generation to the next. While originally a double-edged broadsword, the Qualta blade is approximately three feet long, perfectly balanced, and has a five-inch wide blade.

However, a Qualta blade can also be converted so as to also turn into a rifle, which Ka D’Argo has done to his sword, making it far more powerful than most Peacekeeper Pulse rifles. Interestingly, while a Qualta blade is made of heavy and durable metal, a Luxan warriors sword can also be used in the piloting of Luxan craft, as well as to deactivate a Luxan craft’s self destruct mechanism such as in Ka D’Argo’s Eradicator.

Ka D’Argo’s blade was passed down to him by his great grandfather, which he always wears strapped to his back.

And so this does it for Part II of the Universe’s Top 30 SciFi Weapons and SciFiPulse looks forward to your thoughts on other great sci-fi swords, which we might have missed.

Be on the lookout for Part III of this article and Live Long and Prosper!!!

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