Paramount Working On New Movie Version Of ‘The Saint’

Simon Templar to get new movie reboot

Paramount Pictures have revealed plans to reboot ‘The Saint’ in a new movie adaptation. This will be a second go at adapting the popular spy to a movie. The first was in 1997 and starred Val Kilmer.

Paramount is understood to be working on a new film based on the original series of books by Leslie Charteris that ran from 1928 to 1963 (via Deadline).

Small Screen Origins Of ‘The Saint’

Roger Moore

The saint first became popular on television during the 1960’s when a pre Bond Roger Moore took on the role.

The television series was much inspired by Leslie Charteris’s books and was a huge hit at on television due to the locations that it was set in. Back in the 60’s it was not as easy for people to travel around Europe. International travel back then was only something that was available to those with means. During the 70’s Ian Ogilvy took on the role in ‘Return Of The Saint’.

According to reports Paramount Pictures have brokered a deal for the rights to use the books for a movie.

The deal at the studio is being finalised. The smart money is on Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Brad Krevoy and Robert Evans to helm the start of a new franchise.

We can only hope that this is more successful than the 1997 movie.

The last we heard of ‘The Saint’ was a TV pilot directed by Con Air‘s Simon West. This Adam Rayner and Eliza Dushku, but never made it to air.

As yet an official announcement is to be made by Paramount. But we’ll be sure to follow up when we hear more news on this. In the meantime enjoy the following youtube clip of Roger Moore’s Saint in action. One things for sure. We’ll be watching the casting for this film with great interest. Will they use an established actor or look to a newcomer. I personally hope it will be the latter.

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