One Hairy Halloween: The Hairy Ones Kickstarter Campaign

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Author Terry M. West hasn’t worked behind a camera in over a decade. West directed a slew of indie films from 1999 to 2003. Most notable among them: Blood for the Muse, West’s first film, and Media Blaster’s Flesh for the Beast.

But now West wants to dust off his director’s chair and bring one of his most popular horror shorts to life. THE HAIRY ONES is an old-fashioned creature feature that has become a must read on Halloween Night. The plot revolves around Red and Nora Hammond. An elderly couple living deep in the woods, they prepare a sacrifice for the Hairy Ones on All Hallow’s Eve.

Though he had sworn off filmmaking for writing, West wants to bring his more recent literary horror to life. And the Hairy Ones is a perfect tale to start phase two of his film work.

“I envision The Hairy Ones as a throwback to creature features of the 80s. It will feature practical gore effects and I plan on hiring a very talented creature designer,” West said.

The Hairy Ones is currently on Kickstarter and perks range from a digital download of the film to a special edition film scrapbook produced only for the Kickstarter campaign.

West hopes to secure financing and shoot the Hairy Ones during the Halloween season.

Kickstarter link:

Here is a link to the Hairy Ones Teaser. Feel free to download and share.

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