One Does Not Simply Evict the Supernatural [Press Release]

"The Gentrified Bodega" Investigates the Secrets of a Shady Landlord

One Does Not Simply Evict the Supernatural

The Gentrified Bodega Investigates the Secrets of a Shady Landlord

(July 25, 2017) Wherever rents are rapidly rising, and especially where there’s rent control, there’s always a problem with landlords stepping outside the law to evict renters.  But what happens when there’s something in the building that isn’t human and isn’t ready to leave?

In The Gentrified Bodega, the July installment of The Mister Lewis Incidents finds our “physics consultant” hero retained by a landlord to get to the bottom of the bizarre deaths and

doppelgangers that are preventing him from cashing out and selling his building to a developer.

“Having lived in New York City and San Francisco, I’ve heard plenty of stories about landlords who are monsters,” says author Todd Allen. “Isn’t it time one of those landlords met an actual monster?  There might be some schadenfreude involved.”

The Gentrified Bodega is the fourth story in the Mister Lewis Incidents.

About The Gentrified Bodega

“The neighborhood was improving and people were dying to move in. Then their bodies were turning up in the back aisle of the bodega. The building wove a web of shady evictions, fake leases and unexplainable deaths. Can Mister Lewis discover the secret of the gentrified bodega or will the housing crisis be solved by mass attrition?”

The Gentrified Bodega is available on Amazon Kindle, B&N Nook and Kobo or direct from the publisher.

About The Mister Lewis Incidents

The Mister Lewis Incidents is a monthly short form satirical horror detective / urban fantasy series featuring the adventures of a “physics consultant” who consults on matters that defy the laws of physics. Consulting can involve doing unpleasant work for unpleasant people and Mister Lewis does the most unpleasant work of all.

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Next month’s installment, The Hipster From Hell about strange goings on in the student loan industry, is already available at Patreon.

About Todd Allen

Todd Allen has covered the comic book industry for over a decade reporting for Publishers Weekly, Chicago Tribune, The Beat and Comic Book Resources.  As a contributing editor to The Beat, his work has been nominated for an Eisner and named to TIME’s Top 25 blogs of 2015.  He was admitted to the Mystery Writers of America for the Division and Rush webcomic.  He taught eBusiness in the Arts, Entertainment & Media Management department of Columbia College Chicago and has consulted on digital topics for organizations like American Medical Association, National PTA, McDonald’s, Sears, TransUnion and Navistar.


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