No Past, No Memory, and Everyone Wants Her Dead

[Press Release]

A fantastic new series, an adrenaline rush from start to finish that debuts new superhero CJ Phoenix.

CJ isn’t your typical girl next door. She woke up in the trunk of a car with no memory, no past, no identity, nothing but a fresh tattoo and a photograph. Its not exactly a life anyone wants.

With the help of her adopted father, CJ returns to a normal life, attending classes, making friends, playing games and hanging out with her girlfriend, Nikki. Her idyllic existence is shattered by the death of her confidant Dr. Lee, murdered by unknown assassins dressed in black. When CJ tries to help, she exposes her survival and endangers the ones she loves.

Soon, the assassins are after her, kept at bay only by her strange new powers and the ghosts that seem to follow her.
CJ doesn’t know why everyone wants her dead, but she’s going to find out, even if it kills her. Again.

From USA Today bestselling author Skye Knizley, author of the bestselling Storm Chronicles novels, and Lonely Highway Publishing, LLC.

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