Nicole Beharie Upbeat About Season 2 of ‘Sleepy Hollow’

Nicole Beharie, whos character on 'Sleepy Hollow' has been sidelined somewhat in the second season stated that she feels the stories of the second season are better than ever.

Nicole Beharie, whos character on ‘Sleepy Hollow’ has been sidelined somewhat in the second season stated that she feels the stories of the second season are better than ever.

The series has come under fire recently by fans for various reasons and of late the creators of the show and those within its production have been askingĀ  the fans to stick with the show. Claiming that their loyalty will be rewarded.

Earlier this week Executive Producer Mark Goffman urged fans to stick with the show and trust the writers.

In an interview with Digital Spy Nicole Baharie revealed that she was very happy with the shows stories thus far.

“I think the stories are better than ever this year. There have been a couple of stand-out episodes, like [episode five] ‘The Weeping Lady’.

“I loved that episode because it’s a water episode and I love doing stunts – and that involved both.”

Fans have objected to Baharie’s apparent sidelining, but the actress insists that Abbie’s family background remains “a big part of the story”.

“[In season two,] we find out about her family history,” she said. “We find out about her mother being in a psychiatric ward. We find out what the legacy is with the Mill sisters.

“Without that information, we’re unable to move on through the rest of the season. It’s a big part of the story of Sleepy Hollow.

“At the end of last year, I got a lot of questions from the fans. A lot of people kept saying to me, ‘We get why Ichabod Crane’s a witness. He’s got all this history and he came from the past – but Abbie just seems to be a regular girl. She’s tough, but what else is going on? There’s no supernatural element to her.’ Well, that’s been filled out a little bit in season two.”

Sleepy Hollow airs on Universal Channel every Wednesday at 9pm. In the US, the show airs on Fox every Monday night.

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