Nick Wolfhard chats about voice acting and animation

Every creator has their own style and way of telling their own story and that's what I adore about animation.

Scifipulse recently had the pleasure of interviewing Nick Wolfhard. He is a Leo Award nominated voice actor and a popular Twitch streamer. Additionally, Wolfhard has voiced characters in the critically lauded “Smiling Friends” as well as voicing characters in My Little Pony. Moreover, Nick has voiced characters in “Beyblade Burst” and “World Trigger” while also making character voices in the films Under Wraps and Howard Lovecraft and the Kingdom of Madness. Born in Vancouver, Canada; Nick has one younger brother, Finnwho is also in the acting business. During this interview Nick shares his thoughts on society’s views on animation. As well as actors he is inspired by and whether Superman could beat Goku in a singing competition.


SFP: What made you want to be an actor?


Nick Wolfhard: I always grew up watching cartoons and playing video games, even as a kid my parents told me that I wanted to be a cartoon character but I have no memory of that haha. That being said I’ve always had a fascination with film, tv and gaming, so the next best thing was to be a part of that world. I’m super honored to be able to make a living at what I love. For me acting is the best job in the world and I don’t even really consider it a job!


SFP: How does voice acting compare to acting in live action?


Nick Wolfhard: I would say V.O. and on camera are both similar yet their own beasts. With voice over I always find there’s so many specific tones for projects, which contributes to how unique they will be. For on camera, I would say similarly but it can be more subtle, still having the same effect in terms of uniqueness, but having to find it. Sometimes you can just fall into it, other times it can take a bit of time in terms of finding the tone. That being said, I can say the same about both V.O. and On Camera, the best way to determine a project’s tone that I have found is watching the project itself if it’s already been released. If not, then I would watch the writer’s older shows, newer shows, see the kind of projects the casting director casts for, the kind of acting that the director usually goes for, stuff like that.


SFP: Do you think that animation is becoming more accepted in Western culture as a way of telling stories than it was 20 years ago?


Nick Wolfhard: I think in terms of telling stories there’s always been such a variety over the decades. I mean for example in the 1970s and 80s if you take a look at something such as what Don Bluth made versus what someone like Ralph Bakshi made, or even Chuck Jones with his shorts throughout his whole career, those are three totally different kinds of storytelling I’d say. Every creator has their own style and way of telling their own story and that’s what I adore about animation. Even the same creator, one of my favorites is Genndy Tartakovsky, can have completely different ideas and styles, like going from Dexter’s Lab to Samurai Jack, Hotel Transylvania to Primal. In terms of being more accepted, I will say that I think anime has become A LOT more accepted than it used to be, and of course during the 2010s with serialized story telling like with Adventure Time, Gravity Falls and Steven Universe, I couldn’t be happier about all of it. I love that everyone is experiencing what I’ve adored my whole life, it’s such an incredible way to tell a story.


SFP: Have you got any advice for aspiring actors?


Nick Wolfhard: Make sure to take classes with someone who’s currently in the industry and working, have patience with your career, let yourself grow as an actor through studying, but also through life experiences. Don’t worry if you can’t make a living at it right away, if it’s something you love, I’ve always said to keep it as a hobby, because one day, if you work really hard and with some luck in tow, there’s a really good chance you WILL make a living at it. Even if you don’t though, if it’s what you love, keep on keeping on.


SFP: Do you think that anime and video games are capable of telling stories that media such as prose novels and live action films are not able to?


Nick Wolfhard: Absolutely, I think animation and the interactive medium have ways you can tell stories in a completely unique way. You couldn’t do an animated short like Duck Amuck in live action or in a book, not to mention all the technological advantages of current consoles and PC to tell a story, such as using the SSD in Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart to travel from location to location, or in Spider Man 2 during a certain chase scene (I won’t spoil but those who’ve played will know what I mean.) You can do that in live action or in a book, but to be able to actually control it is just so special.


SFP: What would be your dream role?


Nick Wolfhard: Johnny Joestar, that’s the dream.


SFP: Which actors are you inspired by?


Nick Wolfhard: In terms of voice actors there’s so many to count, just a few of them are Nolan North, Chris Sabat, Grey Delisle, Kath Soucie , Yuri Lowenthal, John DiMaggio, Phil Lamarr, Steve Blum, Veronica Taylor, Dan Castellaneta, Stephanie Sheh, Kari Wahlgren, Troy Baker, Billy West, Hank Azaria, Rob Paulsen, Tress MacNeille, Frank Welker….I guess that’s more than a few huh hahaha.


SFP: And finally, who would win a singing competition between Superman and Goku?


Nick Wolfhard: Goku and Superman are always changing, Goku in terms of advancing his power as the story advances, Superman the same, but it also depends on the specific run. You could have both of these characters beat each other, but it really depends on the status that you pit them against each other at.


Scifipulse would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks and warmest best wishes to Nick Wolfhard for so graciously taking the time to answer our questions.


Nick’s Instagram: Nick Wolfhard (@thewolfhard) • Instagram photos and videos


His Twitch: thewolfhard – Twitch


Nick’s Twitter: Nick Wolfhard (@Nick__Wolfhard) / X


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