New ‘Star Trek’ Series Not Set In The J.J. Trek Universe!

New Trek Series Set In A Time Between 'Undiscovered Country' and 'Next Generation'

Fans of classic ‘Star Trek’ and the prime universe can finally breath a little easier because it has been revealed that the new ‘Star Trek’ series, which is being developed for CBS’s ALL ACCESS will be set in the prime universe.

BirthMoviesDeath via broke the news yesterday and revealed that the new show will be set at some point between the end of ‘Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country’ and the beginning of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’, which is a period in ‘Star Trek’s’ storied history that has not been shown to us before.

A trusted source has chimed in and told me that it looks like the show will be a seasonal anthology, which means the first season will be set post-Undiscovered Country. After that the entire Star Trek universe is potentially open. So those of you hoping for a post-Dominion War show… don’t give up hope. That could come some day.

Back when Nicholas Meyer was announced as an EP and Lead Writer on the series in February. He made some remarks that hinted at the show taking place after ‘Star Trek: The Undiscovered Country’.

The one thing I can relate to you is that The Undiscovered Country—according to Bryan [Fuller]—is a real sort of taking off point, or touchstone for how I guess he’s thinking about the direction of the new show. I don’t want to be misquoted and I don’t want to misquote him, but he’s fond of that film. Let’s put it that way.

If this report pans out to be true it leaves us with all manner of possible scenarios. First and foremost. An anthology series for ‘Star Trek’, which is done in a similar way to such shows as ‘Fargo’ where each new season tells a fresh story could potentially be the jolt a television series like ‘Star Trek’ needs.

One of the biggest criticisms aimed at prior ‘Star Trek’ series towards the close of its last run on television was that it was too formulaic and didn’t take enough chances. An anthology show would address that issue somewhat and allow for deeper story telling.

The down side to this though in terms of telling a story that is set before the 24th century could be that it will constrain writers to stay with in the continuity of what was happening within that specific time period. Which is an issue that ‘Star Trek: Enterprise’ struggled with.

However if they do go for an anthology format as is being suggested here. This first season set in ‘Star Trek’s’ past could lead to a second season that is set within ‘Star Trek’s’ present or even the future. So we could see a story set in the aftermath of the Dominon War or see a new season of adventures in which Starfleet sends a couple of ships off to further explore the Delta and Gamma Quadrants. Anything is possible.

As a long standing fan of ‘Star Trek’ I’m excited about the chances of an anthology style series. There is so much in ‘Star Trek’ to explore such as the aftermath of the Bell Riots. The early, but uneasy peace between the Klingon’s and Federation. The first encounters between the Federation and Cardassia.

There’s lots to look forward too and with Bryan Fuller and Nicholas Meyer at the helm. I’m hoping very much that this will be a successful return to television for ‘Star Trek’.


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