Bryan Fuller Reveals ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ Details

Bryan Fuller has been doing the round of late and yesterday at a TCA panel held by CBS Television the prolific writer and producer revealed some new details about...

Bryan Fuller has been doing the round of late and yesterday at a TCA panel held by CBS Television the prolific writer and producer revealed some new details about his direction for ‘Star Trek: Discovery’.

The series, which will air on CBS’s All Access streaming service will be set in the prime ‘Star Trek’ universe and will look more closely at an event that was mentioned during Captain Kirks era. Which means it will be set in or close to the original series era.

Fuller wanting to keep with ‘Star Trek’s’ tradition of diverse casting has revealed that his lead character will be a human female Lt. Commander in Starlet.The rank comes “with caveats,” Fuller detailed cryptically.

The writer elaborated on this choice of not having a show that centres on a Captain:

“The story that is fascinating for me is, we’ve seen six series from captain’s points of view… to see different characters from different perspectives, we thought it would give us different contexts.

A different dynamic and relationship to the crew. For [her] to truly understand something alien, she has to understand herself, [and her journey will] teach her how to get along with others in the galaxy.

We haven’t cast her yet, so we don’t know what level of diversity she will be.”

In terms of a more precise sense of the new shows era. Fuller said it would be approximately be ten years before the original series time line, but would not focus on the Battle Of Axanar, The Earth Romulan War or the Kobayashi Maru.

USS Discovery-min

“We’re much closer to Kirk’s universe [than that of Archer’s], so we get to play with all of that [TOS-era] iconography of those ships and those uniforms.”

In regards to other characters or casting Fuller was tight lipped and chose not to reveal if the Captain Of The USS Discovery was going to be male or female. But he did tell fans to expect a few more Aliens and Robots in terms of lead characters on the show – including some “reimagining of existing alien [species]” – and he confirmed the show will “absolutely” have a gay character. 

Fuller also said that fans may get to see Spock’s human mother Amanda Greyson take on a prominent role in the world of ‘Star Trek: Discovery’. He also said that “it’s not impossible” that Section 31 may come into play. The producer would not elaborate further on either point.

As for viewship of the new series: CBS is projecting that the network broadcast of the DISCOVERY pilot will be watched by nearly 15 Million people, before the show transitions to All Access for the remainder of its release.

The streaming service will be serving up content in 1080p high definition, but will not be streaming in 4K at present – though that may change in the future.

Fuller addressed the next step of the ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ information rollout, saying that the next data dump on the series is likely to come sometime in October.

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