New Sci-Fi Show ‘Red Velvet Revolution’ Bags A Bunch of Film Awards

New sci-fi series, ‘Red Velvet Revolution’, tackles tough subjects through experimental filmmaking on a budget of only £1000
Red Velvet Revolution

‘Red Velvet Revolution’, tackles tough subjects through experimental filmmaking on a budget of only £1000.

Viviana Di Capua, an Italian filmmaker who graduated with honors in Cinema from La Sapienza University of Rome, has created a compelling science fiction series with a budget of only £1000.

Red Velvet Revolution is a sci-fi drama series about how a company, the Lifemakers Corporation, directs its users’ lives, the Lifeseekers. The Lifeseekers have signed an agreement with the Corporation, but have no recollection of it, as they have ingested a medicine erasing that memory from their minds. The story opens with a young boy’s life, Dion, a Lifeseeker, earning a living as a social media influencer who receives offers to promote various brands in his videos. The viewers are introduced to his daily life under surveillance by the Lifemakers Corporation. In parallel, we are introduced to the team of Lifemakers behind Dion and his success.

Red Velvet Revolution has won numerous awards in various categories at prestigious web and film festivals, including Best Director at both the Sicily and New Zealand Web Fests, and Best Creator at the ASIA Web Awards .  Actors in the series include Sonera Angel, from The Third Day TV series, and Emilie Sofie Johannesen, from Transference: A Love Story.

This low-budget series is the introduction for a higher-budget movie with several production companies already showing interest in the project.

Viviana Di Capua, the director, screenwriter, and producer of Red Velvet Revolution, says, “Red Velvet Revolution was my great challenge: no budget, the invitation to the audience to assemble a story like a puzzle, suggestions of what they are watching but never confirmations. It was thrilling to think I could offer such an experience to the audience, a vision of the paradox of Lifemakers that unfolds itself through the spaces of our daily life.” She adds, “Despite the compromises and the lack of means, I believe the series is a great expression of the challenges of the contemporary, technology-enabled lifestyle of today’s urban societies.”



The series is currently available on Sofy TVIndieflix, and Amazon Prime, and The Vyre Network.

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