New ‘James Bond’ Trailer Hints At 007 Origins

So the question most Bond aficionados are asking about 'Spectre' is whether or not the writers are bringing back Blofeld.

On Friday of last week the new trailer for the latest James Bond movie ‘Spectre’ hit the internet and from what little it showed us it revealed some pretty big clues that hark back to the earlier bond movies, but also continue the story from ‘Skyfall’.

Most self respecting fans of the James Bond movies and books will tell you that Spectre was the name of the international crime organization, which dominated the Bond films from the early 60s through to the early 70s. It was an organization that had a pretty big corporate type structure and was headed up by Blofeld, who remained in shadow for several of the classic movies until his eventual full introduction in ‘You Only Live Twice.’

So the question most Bond aficionados are asking about ‘Spectre’ is whether or not the writers are bringing back Blofeld.

In the years between Roger Moore’s departure and Timothy Dalton’s arrival with ‘The Living Daylights’, screenwriters Richard Maibaum and Michael G Wilson explored the idea of taking Bond back to his roots with the Royal Navy and his induction into MI6.  This is something that I would be interested to see, and to some extent we seem to have learned a lot more about Bond origins in the recent Daniel Craig movies than we ever did in the original run of films.

But once again. It would be just as awesome if the writers are bringing Blofeld back because I was often disappointed by the cartoon style death that the original films gave him during the introduction scenes to ‘For Your Eyes Only.’


The new trailer plays well with everything that we have learned about Daniel Craig’s Bond, which is the most tortured and vulnerable we have ever seen Bond. A far cry from the rather cheesy comic book style of Roger Moore’s portrayal. I loved the moment in this new trailer where Bond is confronted by a mysterious shadowy figure in a low lit board room.

Roll on November. I can’t wait to see this one.


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