New ‘Doctor Who’ Trailer Revels in the newness of things!

The trailer begins with a voiceover of the new Doctor saying, "This is all new to me."

Fans got a first look at the first Doctor Who trailer for season 11, which will hail a new regeneration of the Doctor in the fetching form of Jodie Whitaker.

It’s fair to say that the casting of a woman as Doctor Who has stirred up a lot of reaction from the fan base, but this is our first look at what a female Doctor Who could be like and although there is very little revealed in the trailer, we do get to see her being every bit as Doctorish as previous incarnations.

The trailer begins with a voiceover of the new Doctor saying, “This is all new to me.” and continues on with glimpses of various planets and situation and very quick flashes of her new companions. The voice-over ends with the tantalizing question of “Will you be my friends.” Which I am sure will be answered when the show returns with a resounding yes from a lot of fans.

Unfortunately, there is still no mention of when the new series will premiere, but we can but hope that the BBC continues the policy of having the series premiere on the same day in the USA than it does here in the UK.

What we do know is that the episodes will be a bit longer at 50 minutes, which is great news for those that felt that the older shorter episodes felt rushed at times. Hopefully the new showrunner Chris Chibnall will make the most of the extra few minutes to bring us new innovative and exciting adventures that will do the Doctor’s long overdue sex change justice, but at the same time not be overly political or in yer face, which is something the show has come under fire for from certain elements of the fanbase.

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