In Review: Mythica 4: The Iron Crown (Kickstarter Edition)

In this fourth Mythica movie our heroes hijack a steam-powered battle wagon, a daring young wizard (Marek) steals the final piece of the all-powerful Darkspore and embarks on a desperate quest to deliver the cursed artifact to the gods for safe keeping

Synopsis: In this fourth Mythica movie our heroes hijack a steam-powered battle wagon, a daring young wizard (Marek) steals the final piece of the all-powerful Darkspore and embarks on a desperate quest to deliver the cursed artifact to the gods for safe keeping; but when they are caught in a death race between a ruthless team of elite mercenaries and a trinity of demons, Marek must learn to believe in herself before her friends are killed and the Darkspore is lost, to stop the evil necromancer (Szorlok) from uniting the Darkspore and flooding the living world with his legions of undead.

Review: Released recently to backers was the fourth movie in the ‘Mythica’ movie series, which once again sees our team of heroes taking on the evil Szorlok, who is once again played by Matthew Mercer.

The film introduces a new villain in the form of Admiral Borland Hess who is played to maximum camp factor by Eve Mauro. Hess is very much a fun character who wields an array of interesting steampunk machines, which include a flying pirates ship and a really cool looking war wagon. 

Story-wise the film takes on a slightly lighter feel to the very dark third chapter. Marek, Thane and Dagan are continuing on their quest to retrieve the three darkspore and take them to the gods for safe keeping. But of course they get sidetracked by Admiral Hess and her team as well as a team of mercenaries who have been hired by the Dwarf Hammerhead.

The film starts with a conversation between Hammerhead and the wizard Gojun Pye. It seems both have different plans concerning the Artifact. Hammerhead feels that his Dwarfs should be running things. Where as Gojun continues to have a great deal of faith in Marek and humanity. Strangely though Hammerheads plan, which concerns a mythical artifact that can cancel out magic is the one that makes more sense. Gojun does not agree and chooses to keep Szorlok busy in an epic battle to allow Marek and her team to recover the third Darkspore.

If you like a good mix of fantasy and comedy with a lot of action and magic flying about. Then the Mythica series has it in spades. Unfortunately though the fight scenes this time out seemed a little to obvious. Which would suggest that there has been a change of personnel behind the scenes.

I enjoyed this fourth chapter of the series a great deal, but felt it was not as strong as the third film, which proceeded it. That said Iron Crown did have some interesting ideas. Such as Marek being somewhat possessed by Teela, which caused a few issues with Thane and Dagan.

I loved the steampunk elements of this adventure and the fact that the crew actually built a fully functioning steampunk War Wagon for this film was awesome. It would have been so much easier for them to have used CGI for this. I’m glad they went for the more practical option.

The main characters in Mythica continue to evolve and Thane gets some brand new armour for this story.

I love how Marek has become more confident with her magic, but remains a little unsure about her leadership abilities. I also love the fact that Dagan continues to be the joker, but seems to have matured a little more as a character. Especially now that him and Marek have a romantic connection.

Given the budget constraints involved. Mythica: The Iron Crown does a great job of continuing the ongoing story arc that began with the first movie. Without spoiling things to much. There are further shocks ahead in this film that will have fans on the edge of their seats.

Mythica 4: The Iron Crown
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