In Review: Mycroft Holmes – The Apocalypse Handbook #1

The Apocalypse Handbook sees the diffident, brilliant Mycroft pulled into a globe-spanning adventure at the behest of Queen Victoria and a secret organization at the heart of the British government.

Synopsis: The Apocalypse Handbook sees the diffident, brilliant Mycroft Holmes pulled into a globe-spanning adventure at the behest of Queen Victoria and a secret organization at the heart of the British government. A madman is on the loose with civilization-destroying weapons, each two hundred years in advance of the status quo. Can the smartest man in England set aside his idle, womanizing ways for long enough to track down the foe that may be his match?

Review: Adapted from the best selling novel. Mycroft Holmes focuses on Sherlock’s older brother, who in the Holmes stories is often a mysterious figure heading up British Intelligence.

Written by Basket Ball superstar Kareem Abdul-Jabbar  and Raymond Obstfeld. The story shows us a younger more more impetuous Mycroft Holmes who is a rather cocky individual with a hunger for intimate liaisons with married women. Namely the wife of one of his university professor’s. At least the one that he doesn’t respect. 

In the first scene we meet Mycroft in a classroom situation being given a philosophical problem to solve. The question. If the original Mona Lisa Painting or a Dog was trapped in a burning building, which would he save. Mycroft answers that he’d not save either for fear of ruining a perfectly good suit and upsetting his tailor. An answer that rankles his professor Angus so much that he goes to Prof. Hirsh.

This first issue sets up the story, which is centred on Mycroft being recruited by Prof. Hirsh and Queen Victoria for a mission, which involves saving the world.

The story has steampunk elements to it and mixes that with traditional Victorian English settings. I loved the mechanical style glove and mask that Prof. Hirsh uses when capturing Mycroft for the testing. This follows on from some brilliantly funny and witty banter between Mycroft and his younger brother Sherlock who is studying at Oxford and has not found his calling yet.

The art work by Joshua Cassara is absolutely stunning and works really well with the various story and character beats within the comic. Cassara does a brilliant job of drawing out the action beats and my favorite image is of Mycroft being held aloft by the mysteriously clothed Prof. Hirsh.

In regards to the world of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ Mycroft is a character that has never truly been explored. So it is good to see someone taking this character on and doing something with it. I can’t wait to get hold of the second issue to see where this is going to lead.

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Mycroft Holmes - The Apocalypse Handbook #1
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