In Review: The Musketeers – Brothers In Arms

Brothers In Arms sees the Musketeers placed in an impossible position when they have to choose between following the kings orders and doing the right thing.

Synopsis: King Louis orders the Musketeers to bring his exiled brother, the Duke of Orléans, back to Paris.

Review: Brothers In Arms sees the Musketeers placed in an impossible position when they have to choose between following the kings orders and doing the right thing.

When called upon to escort the Duke of Orleans back to Paris the musketeers run into trouble when a pick pocket at a pub steals items belonging to the Duke.

This theft triggers a volatile situation between the bars customer base. All ex soldiers of the Crown, who rightly feel unwanted and not cared for by the King. Louis who wants to give his brother the benefit of the doubt orders the musketeer’s to investigate. Meanwhile Governor Feron is lobbying to have his red guard take matters into their hands.

The truth soon becomes clear to Feron when the Duke asks him to help retrieve the stolen papers, which implicate him in a plot to take military action against the king.

The Musketeers meanwhile try to find out what happened to the dukes papers by launching an investigation. During this investigation they meet Christophe and his wife Josephine who run the pub. Christophe is understandably defensive and proceeds to get his men to join him in rising up against the king.

This is yet another story that has the Musketeers having to deal with keeping the people of Paris in line, but in as fair away as possible. Thankfully some of the alliances that they have formed with the working classes of the city prove to be an asset when it comes to sorting things out.

Feron’s manipulation of the situation and the interference of the Red Guard and Feron’s spymaster Lucien Grimaud once again prove to be a stumbling block.

Some Great Moments

There were some nice moments in this episode. One of which was D’Artagnan training one of the trainee musketeers and a knowing look exchanged between him and Athos.

The siege of the pub involving Christophe and his men and the subsequent skirmish that followed was really well done. I enjoyed the fact that by the close of the story. The Musketeers naturally sided with the underdogs in order to push back the red guard. Though truthfully they had little choice in the matter thanks to Grimaud’s sabotage of what seemed to be a flawless plan.

By the close of the episode the letters that implicate the Duke in the plot are uncovered, but in order to preserve someone’s honour. D’Arthagnan chooses not to implicate the thief, but instead says the letter was found.

The revelation of these letters are taken to the King who has to choose a suitable punishment for his brother the Duke.

This is likely an episode I will be watching again given that I was disturbed on several occasions while trying to watch. I loved the fact that we got to see the forgotten soldiers have some light shined on them and although I do not approve of the Kings regard to them. It was very true and still is that many take a soldiers service for granted.

We had some great acting performances here from guest stars Richard Dormer and Lisa McGrillis as Christophe and his wife Josephine


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