Sceptre of the Sun follows the exploits of Jack Redpath and Vicky Jones as they attempt to unravel a mystery surrounding an ancient stone tablet

Improper Books are delighted to announce the upcoming UK release of MULP: Sceptre of the Sun Issue #4, by Matt Gibbs & Sara Dunkerton. The fourth instalment of their creator-owned Pulp adventure set in a world of mice, MULP: Sceptre of the Sun Issue #4 will be available from supporting UK comic shops from Wednesday, 19th July 2017. It will also be making its convention debut at Cardiff Independent Comic Expo, and then later in the year at Thought Bubble in Leeds and the Lakes International Comic Art Festival in Kendal.

Sceptre of the Sun follows the exploits of Jack Redpath and Vicky Jones as they attempt to unravel a mystery surrounding an ancient stone tablet unearthed during an archaeological excavation in Egypt. This tablet is the first marker on an adventure that sees them racing around the world in search of a legendary treasure.

This latest instalment, part four of a five issue story arc, sees our heroic mice venturing deeper into the mysterious, tropical valley that they discovered hidden in the snow and ice of Antarctica. With Jack and Moreau seemingly lost, and the party captured by a tribe of Flying-Mice inhabiting the valley, the situation is looking precarious for our adventurous rodents… But is this just the beginning of their troubles, as they close in on the Sceptres whereabouts?

On the anthropomorphic nature of the comic, Matt said, “Ever since reading Brian Jacques’ Redwall series as a child, I’ve enjoyed stories with anthropomorphic characters, especially ones featuring mice and rats. Working with Sara on MULP allows me to explore that fascination, as well as my passion for archaeology and history. Sara is also the perfect collaborator, sharing that same fascination, and I adore how she has brought our characters to life.”

“It has been a delight to submerge myself in the world that Matt and I have created”, said Sara, about creating and illustrating MULP. “Being in a mouse-made environment threw up so many questions, possibilities, and inventive answers, such as mice markets where they slice up giant fruit to order, domesticated lizards and beetles, trees that are to the same scale as the Great Pyramids, and planes made of wood. MULP has been a great pleasure to work on, I can’t wait to explore the rest of the story with our characters.”

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Praise for MULP: Sceptre of the Sun so far:

“This has all the elements of a classic kids’ adventure like TINTIN itself: secrets and experts and exotic locations; infiltration, reputation and ducking for cover.” Stephen L. Holland (Page 45)

“The issue fair flies by, setup quickly passes to action, a shooting, a crash, intrigue, secrets, ancient artifacts, a femme fatale, musclebound goons, a mysterious evil genius lurking in the shadows… oh yes, a lot in here.” Richard Bruton (FPI Blog)

“It’s an extremely clever, well rounded story they’ve built here, one that isn’t beholden to its influences but also isn’t embarrassed by them.” Alasdair Stuart (

“Most anthropomorphic adventure series, such as Rupert Bear or Bryan Talbot’s Grandville series, take their characters as human analogues to the extent that they are human size, MULP does not – in MULP the mice really are mice sized.” Jeremy Briggs (

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