Moses Moseley on being Michonne’s Pet Walker

Being on the cover of Entertainment Weekly with Michonne was one of the biggest things I could ever hope for.”

I recently visited one of the newest conventions in Central Florida, the Orlando Toy and Comic Con, and while at the one-day convention, I had the good fortune of meeting Moses Moseley, who played Michonne’s former lover turned zombie protector and companion, in the AMC hit horror show, The Walking Dead.  Moses, like every other Walking Dead cast member I have had the pleasure of meeting, was very nice and approachable and my first question to him was how exactly he refers to himself as one of the two zombies who accompanied Michonne in the badlands of Robert Kirkman’s zombie opus. To which he replied, “We call ourselves the Pet Walkers.” said the Atlanta Georgia native.

And you were Pet Walker number one and the other actor (Theshay West), was pet walker number two.” I say as we both laugh because Moses thankfully got my Dr. Sues reference. “Yes, I was Pet Walker number one.” says the actor.

So when we first meet Michonne, that was you there, all the way through when we meet the Governor at the helicopter crash site and you guys start making all that noise,” to which with a smiling Moses jumps in saying, “And we had to go.” to which we both laugh.

And she let you go quick too!” I say smiling as I continue, “Now who got it first, you or the best friend?” Looking away just for a second Moses says, “Well technically if you look at it he got the sword first and then it swept over to me,” as he makes a blade cutting motion across his throat, “but it was so quick and clean you would never know. She’s a master with that sword and I couldn’t even time it,” then with his eyes growing wide in exaggeration for a second the actor says, “it was like, ‘OOP’ and it was gone.” At which point we both start laughing as Moses is clearly making fun of his apocalyptic decapitation at the hands of his ex-lover Michonne.

I then begin to ask the actor for some juicy unknown Walking Dead tidbits he might be able to reveal now that he no longer has to worry about confidentiality of upcoming and as of yet unaired episodes, “Let me ask you, were there any scenes that you guys did for that episode that were cut out or didn’t make the episode?

The actor tilts his head a bit to his right side as if thinking and before beginning to answer, which humorously made me wonder if he may still be in fear of breaching some stringent Walking Dead contractual nondisclosure language Moses said, “Honestly, I couldn’t tell you because underneath those lenses, I couldn’t tell what was going on. The only thing I knew was , OK when you’re coming up do your part, do your part, do your part and that’s pretty much it, it’s so fast paced.

I found this intriguing as I recall the opaque eyes of the walker Moses played, “Wow, under lenses huh and you couldn’t see?

Uh-uh, I couldn’t see anything. All I could see was the light around the edges.” Said the actor as I jump in with my next question, “So you were taking audio queues the whole time?” Moses then shakes his head affirmatively and says, “Mm-hmm, audio queues the whole time along with the tugging motions on the chain,” as he looks at me with a side glance and a broad grin,  “. . . that was real!” as he jokingly refers to Michonne’s forcefulness with her pet walkers.

I immediately can see Michonne in my mind’s eye pulling on the Pet-Walker’s chains as I then ask the actor about working with Danai Gurira, the actress who masterfully plays Robert Kirkman’s apocalyptic samurai sword yielding  ex-lawyer and faithful friend and soldier to Rick Grimmes, the show’s main character.  “Now in talking about the actress who plays Michonne,  Danai Gurira, she is an amazing actress.” To which Moses adds, “She’s beautiful” as he shakes his head in agreement while continuing and repeating, “Amazing, amazing, talented woman!

Now I believe she’s a method actress and once she was in character and pulled on your chain,” I continued as I stressed the last couple of words as if to bring the point home, “She pulled!” Moses then smiles broadly and in agreement, repeated my words with an equal if not more forceful tone saying, “She Pulled!” as he emphasized the point with certainty. Then looking momentarily away as if going back to the moment, the actor then looked back at me and confidently continued, “But she’s so sweet, in between takes she was like, ‘Are you OK? Was that too hard on you?

As I laugh at the comical way in which Moses repeats Danai Gurir’s on set words of concern, he finishes off his thought as he smiles from ear to ear, “She said are you guys good? And we told her you’re good, you’re good It’s OK.

Humorously we are both chuckling at that point as I say, “She seems like a really nice and beautiful lady.” To which Moses responds all business and matter of factly, with his tone closer to affection, “She’s really sweet and an awesome lady!

While I had the actor speaking about The Walking Dead itself, I then continued my line of questioning and asked what Moses experience on The Walking Dead set was like. Looking away and then back at me, Moses seemed to genuinely feel positive and even affectionate of the actors and production crew he worked with on location.

On set it was awesome! Everyone is so humble and it’s like a family, and just being able to meet and talk to everybody, it was like getting another honor for me. And also, being on the cover of Entertainment Weekly with Michonne . . .” The actor seemed to pause as if taking it in all over again before continuing. “That was one of the biggest things I could ever hope for.” As he shook his head in silent acknowledgement he seemed to personally affirm how important his role in The Walking Dead was from the perspective of Michonne’s mythos within the story.

I still think about it to this day and I just feel like, God Bless you guys and thank you always!” Agreeing with the actor I say, “It was quite a high point for you huh?” To which Moses smiles at me again but this time with a look of absolute comfort and acknowledgement before continuing, “The highest point!

Feeling the raw emotion and gratitude seeming to emanate from the obviously eternally grateful actor, I follow up by asking if anything stuck out for the actor or was otherwise equally memorable for him, as I end with, “You were on the show one episode was it?” to which Moses corrected me, “It was three episodes.

Three episodes,” I repeat, “So how long did it take to shoot the episodes?” shaking his head he said, “Anywhere from 8 to 16 hours, it depends.” To which I chime in for clarification, “An episode or a scene?

An episode.” Replied the actor before continuing, “8 to 16 hour days and you never knew, it depends on how everyone is clicking and how everything is moving. You just never knew, you were just there and you worked and you were there.

I then ask Moses a question about the actual filming of the series at locations during production, “The sets and production locations are fan friendly yes?” Again Moses looked away briefly and smiled as he looked back and replied, “They are to an extent . . .” I got the sense he wanted to say more or that he was simply trying to hold in a sense of the excitement or electricity of the set as he continued to describe his experience while working on the Walking Dead, “You can’t let everybody in on everything, but they’re pretty friendly with everyone.

So if fans show up, some of the actors as I understand it would go out and meet them right?” I asked this more as a fan than reporter as Moses smiles and confirms what I had heard, “They will!” said Moses shaking his head vigorously almost as if defending the show’s honor, “That’s why I said they’re like a family and they’re really humble people. That’s why they’ll meet the fans there, shake hands and take pictures and it’s just an amazing experience.

With that I humbly thanked Moses Moseley for his time as it was late in the day and I knew that he was off to go eat dinner or head on up to his hotel room after a long day on the convention floor of signing autographs, posing for pictures and talking about the show, but I had to ask him about the very thing that started the entire Walking Dead craze, that being the comic book series.

Are you a fan of the comic as well?” To which the actor grudgingly admitted that he now reads the comic series after coming to it late, but then redeemed himself by proclaiming, “I’m a Super fan!

Not only am I sure that Moses is indeed a Super Fan, but he is truly a Super nice guy who was very friendly, accessible and was just as nice as every other Walking Dead actor I have ever met to date. As if that were not awesome, he was also quite nice and attentive where my two padawans were concerned and for that alone if not for giving me a great interview, I was quite impressed with Moses.

Written By: Tye Bourdony

Tye Bourdony is the co-owner of as well as the U.S. based content editor for Sci Fi Pulse. Tye is also a Sci Fi cartoonist and creator of ‘The Lighter Side of Sci-Fi’, a mediator, deep space traveler, and the lead interstellar reporter for the Galactic Enquirer. He is also a graduate of the Barry University School of Law, SUNY Purchase and H.S. of Music & Art. Tye currently works in Florida’s 9th Circuit as the staff Family Mediator and has a regular self-published column in Sci Fi Magazine. You can visit Tye on facebook and at or send your thoughts and story/article ideas to [email protected]
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