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Minneapolis, Minn., August 21, 2018 — GLITCH, an independent video game label that empowers game makers through community-driven programs, partnered with award-winning game studio Graveck Interactive on mind-bending puzzle game Optica (which can be found on Google Play and the App Store). The partnership provided fellowship experience and mentorship to emerging game maker Farzan Fatemi. Optica is the first title published through GLITCH and will be available on August 28, 2018.


During Optica’s development, Graveck Interactive partnered with GLITCH’s Fellowship Program, which provides opportunities for emerging game makers to take lead on curated projects while receiving guidance from experienced game makers. Fatemi, a medical student by day and game designer by night, joined the Optica team as lead level designer through the program partnership. He took point on creating puzzles, further explored his artistic craft, and connected with mentorship from Graveck’s veteran game makers. Fatemi also advocated for Farsi language localization, which is currently in development.

“Working with Graveck on Optica gave me an opportunity to explore level design without having to worry about the entirety of game development,” said Fatemi. “I found that the team dynamic allowed for the creation of novel and interesting puzzles that would likely not have been imagined by one person alone.”

“Farzan reinvigorated the creation process by introducing exciting new types of levels and improved the overall player experience,” said Matt Gravelle, Co-Founder of Graveck Interactive.

On the partnership, Evva Kraikul, Founder and Executive Director of GLITCH, said, “We’re in a unique position to invest in emerging game makers and offbeat projects. Partnering with organizations like Graveck to provide one-of-a-kind fellowship opportunities, as well as publishing debut and experimental titles, are exciting new ways for us to empower game makers.”

Optica is a mind-bending puzzle game of logic and illusion. Embracing simplicity with a geometric design, Optica reveals puzzles in complex and mind-bending ways. From curious shapes and optical illusions to unexpected perspectives, Optica puts spatial thinking to the test through 70+ challenging levels. As the spiritual successor to the award-winning Strata, Optica embodies a similar puzzle-solving philosophy with an entirely new twist.

Optica will be available for download on the App Store on August 28, 2018, and will be released on additional platforms in the near future. For more information about Optica, please visit www.opticagame.com.

GLITCH is an independent game label home to the off-beat, the debut, and the experimental that empowers game makers through community-driven programs. For more information about GLITCH, please visit www.glitch.mn.

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