Miles Morales: Why Sony’s Spider-Man Universe Should Debut Him

A hero is just someone who doesn't give up

The Sony Spider-Man Universe comprises 4 films (Venom, Venom 2: Let There Be Carnage , Morbius and Madame Web). At the time of writing. With Kraven the Hunter expected in August 2024. Despite strong audience scores on Rotten Tomatoes. The Sony Spider-Man universe entries have received middling to poor reviews from critics. We at Scifipulse think that a way for Sony to revitalise their web-slinging world is to debut Miles Morales in live action. It’s no secret that the Spider-Verse films starring Shameik Moore are some of the best and most popular Marvel films in recent years. To see Miles Morales make his live action debut would be electrically exciting. And propel the Sony Spider-Man universe to new heights.


Time, space, death and reality


One problem that a Miles Morales Sony universe debut would pose. Is that in the comics Peter Parker’s heroism as Spider-Man inspires Miles. And Madame Web clearly shows Peter as a newborn baby. Perhaps a way around this would be for the Roxxon Corporation to have taken over New York in the future. And Miles is catapulted into the past while trying to stop them from developing time travel technology. Where he meets Cassie (Dakota Johnson). And forms an alliance with her and the other Spider-Women who featured in Madame Web. We could possibly also see Donald Glover as the Prowler/Aaron Davis in that universe. Which fans would flock to cinemas to see. Maybe Miles befriends Ben Parker (Adam Scott). And becomes a mentor for the young Peter Parker. Inverting their dynamic from the comics.


Casting call


The frontrunner for live action Miles Morales would have to be Nadji JeterAs he provided the voice and motion capture for Miles in Spider-Man 2. Having said that, there’s an argument to be made for Justice SmithWhose Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves role showed he can juggle comedy and seriousness. If Sony go with Miles Morales as an experienced superhero. Then Shameik Moore could portray him as he voices Miles in the Spider-Verse films. It’s also possible that Nathan Stewart-Jarrett could play the webslinger too.


A larger world


Miles Morales debuting in live action opens up a larger world of storytelling possibilities for Sony. Let’s see Danika Hart on the big screen. As she covers Miles’ exploits as Spider-Man. We could also see Simon Krieger as a young person before his start of darkness. Maybe Miles befriends him a la Clark and Lex on Smallville. And attempts to prevent him from creating Roxxon Corporation. It’s possible that Adam Scott’s Ben Parker could return as a supporting character. And maybe meet and fall for (Aunt) May, who is the director of the homeless charity F.E.A.S.T. There are hundreds of potential storylines that could be explored. One of the most important aspects of Spider-Man is its focus on real life and real people. Which Sony would be wise to explore.


Would you like to see Miles Morales in live action? Which Sony Spider-Man film is your favourite? Leave a comment below and face front, True Believer!


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