Milady’s Role Will Be Reduced In Third Series Of ‘The Musketeers’

Maime McCoy will not make as many appearances as Milady in the third series of 'The Musketeers'

When we last saw the cunning Milady on ‘The Muskesteers’ she was headed to England in order to try and set up a new life for herself. This pretty much left many assuming that she’d not be returning to the series as much in the third series if at all.

Maimie McCoy, who has been playing the role since the series began has revealed that she is expecting a baby and thus will not be available as a series regular on the third series.

The BBC confirmed this news to Digital Spy yesterday, but added that the actress is in negotiations to return at a later date.

“We are delighted for Maimie and wish her well through her pregnancy,” they said. “We very much hope she may come back as Milady in the latter half of series 3 and are in discussions with her to that effect.”

At present it is unclear how much of a role Milady will have to play in the third season.

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