In Review: Midnite Show #2

The most infamous cinematic monsters are manifesting in the sleepy town of Cedar Bluffs.

Synopsis: In Midnite Show, The most infamous cinematic monsters are manifesting in the sleepy town of Cedar Bluffs. As the world changes, becoming more and more like the gothic settings of classic horror films, a group of would-be victims struggle to survive. It’s the most fun you can have getting scared!


The Story

Picking up from where the last issue left off. The world premiere of God of Monsters has manifested all 5 of its monsters into the real world and it all began with Dracula laying waste to the theater along with a load of Vampire Bats. In their attempt to get away. Jason, Buddy, Trina, Abigail Jenner, Owen Oswalt, and the rest of the cinema audience rush out onto the streets of Ceder Bluffs to find that their small town has been turned into a Victorian version of London from one of Oswalt’s many movies. Furthermore, they are all being hunted by a Necro-Wolf, The Mummy, and a version of Frankensteins Monster which houses the late Dr. Frankensteins brain.

What follows is a whole lot of carnage as the various monsters begin their fight to decide which one of them will ascend to godhood.


The Artwork

Brian Hurtt continues to do a great job with the artwork for this book. I loved his various character drawings for the monsters. I particularly liked his version of the Frankenstein monster, which has a more gangly frame than the one we have gotten accustomed to in the various movie adaptations. I also loved the sequence where the old man version of Oswalt has his close encounter with the mummy kind, which doesn’t end well.



This second issue does a great job of building on the story and characters and making readers begin to become invested in them. I’m really enjoying the various exchanges between Abigail Jenner and the social media influencer who is recording absolutely everything and pretty much stalking the old stars.

Overall. I really enjoyed this second issue.

Midnite Show #2
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