Michael McCreary talks comedy and Astrid and Lily Save the World

Scifipulse recently had the privilege of interviewing Michael McCreary. He is a stand up comedian who uses his comedy to dispel misconceptions about autism.

Scifipulse recently had the privilege of interviewing Michael McCrearyHe is a stand up comedian who uses his comedy to dispel misconceptions about autism. McCreary is a high school graduate from Orangeville, Ontario. Diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome at age 5. Michael has trained under David GranirerThe founder of Stand Up For Mental Health. During this interview, Michael discusses his role in the new sci-fi drama Astrid and Lily Save the World. As well as his top 5 Hollywood films.


SFP: What made you want to be a comedian?


Michael McCreary: I originally wanted to be an actor, but after taking a six week intensive on stand up, found out that I preferred the freedom of stand up. I got to write and perform my own material, and I didn’t have to worry about other people remembering their lines.


SFP: Do you think that anything can be the subject of a joke? Or are there some things that should not be?


Michael McCreary: Literally speaking, anything can be a joke. Whether it’s tasteful or not is another question entirely. I like to make sure I am never punching down when I write a joke.



SFP: Please can you tell us about your character in Astrid and Lily Save the World?


Michael McCreary: Of course! He is an autistic teenager who’s into astronomy.


SFP: Following on from that question, how important is it that autistic actors play autistic characters?


Michael McCreary: Very important. There is a phrase in the industry, “Write what you know.” What I think people mean by this is, “Your story will come off more authentic if you’ve lived certain aspects of it.” I feel that having actually someone on the spectrum playing a character on the spectrum reinforces that authenticity. Also, should anything not correspond with the actor’s experience of life on the spectrum, they can clarify any discrepancies with the writer(s) and/or director(s).


SFP: Who are your biggest comedic influences and why?


Michael McCreary: Two comics I am inspired by: Anthony Jeselnik, for his work ethic and clarity (not his content), and Norm MacDonald for his bravery.


SFP: I see from your website that you’re a massive Hollywood movies fan. What for you are the top 5 films Hollywood has ever made?


Michael McCreary: Sure! In no particular order, Phantom of the Paradise, McCabe & Mrs. Miller, Top Secret!, Unbreakable and Miami Blues.


SFP: How important is it that disabled people and neurodivergent people have access to the arts?


Michael McCreary: Immeasurably.


SFP: And finally, who would win in a fight between Spider-Man and Wolverine?


Michael McCreary: Trick question. Wolverine has a healing factor and Spider-Man has his spidey senses. The fight would never end.


Scifipulse would like to offer our warmest thanks and very best wishes to Michael McCreary for so graciously taking the time to answer our questions.


Michael’s website: AspieComic – Welcome Home


His Facebook page: Michael McCreary – Funny, You Don’t Look Autistic | Facebook


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