May The Verse Be With You: Vision’s Vision

Last week May The Verse be With You teased a Vision poem. This week, it's here. Vision's Vision! following on from "A Scarlet Spell", it only
Vision's Vision

Last week May The Verse be With You teased a Vision poem. This week, it’s here. Vision’s Vision! following on from “A Scarlet Spell”, it only seemed right. These works are mostly based on MCU versions of the characters. As depicted by Elisabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany. We tackle the theme of Vision’s strong morality. Furthermore, we explore how that’s changed as he comes to terms with it.


Vision’s Vision


Vision’s vision, pure and good,

longs for lasting peace

And so, strives ways for

suffering to cease


Determined to prove good’s ways

can prevail strong,

rigid morals give Vision

sense of right from wrong


Meeting Scarlet Witch means he’s

cursed, or blessed. Love’s gaze

causes machine to know well

deeply human ways


As their love story plays out,

soon comes a dark turn

bringing painful ways with them –

lessons they must learn


All words by Benjamin Francis Cassidy

Illustration by L. A. Cassidy


We enjoyed the first two episodes of WandaVision. You can read about how in our review. Some of what we predicted, in WandaVision: What To Expect – 5 Things has already started happening. And perhaps more will soon. The show does look to be a love story, of sorts. And as poetry and love go hand-in-glove (see what I did there?), Vision earned a poem. Stay safe, see you next week!



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