May The Verse Be With You: Supernatural Forever

It's not everyday you hear a poem of this quality, especially one so long. Additionally, it's written by a real witch!

This week’s offering from May The Verse Be With You comes from our resident artist, Lucy Anne Cassidy (my beloved sister)! We felt a seriously spooky special was really important, with Halloween coming up on Saturday. With that in mind, what better than a tribute to the much loved institution, Supernatural. Lucy is certainly an expert on it, as her fantastic work shows! Enjoy everyone, and stay safe!



Supernatural Forever


It all began with a mother’s plea,

a deal with the evil Yellow-Eyes…

Returned, he fed baby Sam a meal

of demon blood and lies.


With Mary dead: her husband hunted

for the demon he most hated.

Her sons were shoved about and shunted—

sad, lonely and frustrated.


And all across Americana,

two boys road-tripped with their father.

With Led Zepp; Motorhead; Santana,

in a ‘67 Impala.


It may sound like a boon to others—

to be so free—an endless roam.

But no roots? No friends? With no mother?

And no place they could call their home?


As those nomadic boys grew older,

they learned of the consequences:

having to become perfect soldiers

against all kinds of deadly monsters.


The Ghosts and Ghouls and Rugarus,

The Vampires, Werewolves and Witches.

But Sam, the youngest, with his short fuse,

hated the life—and so he ditched it.


Away to college, he left poor Dean

to monster-hunt with their broken Dad.

Yes, Dean was older, hardened and keen,

but he missed his little brother, bad.


Dad went alone on a hunting trip,

then there was radio silence.

So, concerned Dean, he had to jump ship-

and drive to his bro for guidance.


Those brave young men, they found no father—

but did find a lead they needed.

Alas, Sammy thought he’d rather

return to Stamford, he conceded.


Sam got home. He couldn’t wait to see

his buddies and his girlfriend…

Then found Jess, a burning effigy—

a horrific, demonic end.


So, Sam stated, “We’ve got work to do…”

and they sped off in the Chevy.

Working new hunts, they wound their way to

where John had some clues already.


Finally, the three men came across

their now-shared Grail: Demonkind.

The Winchester’s fought, no thought of loss;

one goal, one sharpened single-mind.


But Dad, John? Luck spent, his time was then…

He gave it all up for his boys.

Brother’s had to fight then, once again-

angry; alone; no other choice.


The boys found that yellow-eyed demon,

and they dealt it what it was due,

And then Sam and Dean, they carried on

because that’s what Winchester’s do.


So many hunts and apocalypses,

they’ve fought both Lucifer and God.

With all their wits and their Poughkeepsies,

they’re the Supernatural Squad.


With Castiel, rebel Seraphim;

and their found-family there, until

the bitter end, a faithful third limb…

They’ll forever be Team Free Will.


Now they’re infamous as the Very Best,

hunting with pure guile and swiftness.

Often saving the world, when they’re pressed,

known as The Family Business.


Sam and Dean Winchester will always fight,

with their cursed blades and magic guns.

With their warrior angel by their side…

There’ll be peace only when they’re done.


All words by L.A. Cassidy

Illustration by L. A. Cassidy


It’s not everyday you hear a poem of this quality, especially one so long. Additionally, it’s written by a real witch! Yes, Lucy’s birthday is Halloween. It explains her love of the dark arts, so prevalent in the beloved show. I’m sure you will all join me in wishing Lucy a very happy birthday. It’s the least we can do to show appreciation for her phenomenal weekly artwork, and of course, this incredible poem!


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