May The Verse Be With You: Superman’s Day Off

Even people who aren't into superheroes know who Superman is. He's an icon of humanity. There'll be those who, of course, who know

Even people who aren’t into superheroes know who Superman is. He’s an icon of humanity. There’ll be those who, of course, who know, but don’t love him. But we reckon that even they have some quiet respect for the Man of Steel. For us, Superman is Christopher Reeve. Always will be. But if you’ve ever wondered what Superman/Kal-El gets up to on his day off, here’s what happens . . .


Superman’s Day Off


Check Zod’s still in the phantom zone,

get Krypto a Kryptonic bone

Pick Lois Lilies from Japan,

be back in time to make a flan

Fly past Batman, shouting out “you’re lame

and weak, tell Robin he’s the same!”

Drop off my glasses for repair

Wash my spare bright red underwear

Visit Fortress of Solitude

but do not leave in a sad mood!

Catch falling planes, fix cliffs, track Lex,

safely pull all from burning wrecks

And when I’ve done all that and more,

relax, that’s what days off are for!


All words by Benjamin Francis Cassidy

Illustration by L. A. Cassidy


See, even the Man of Steel has to wash his undies. Especially because he wears them over his tights! But I bet you didn’t know that he likes to make a flan. One things for sure, with all of his heroics, nobody can begrudge him a day off. He’s definitely earned it. Find out who’s up to what, on any given week, in your weekly dose of sci-fi silly antics, only at May The Verse Be With You! see you next week!


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