May The Verse Be With You: Stucky

It's Stucky time! Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan have inspired tons of fan fic, about their characters' relationship. It's great to fun to

It’s Stucky time! Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan have inspired tons of fan fic, about their characters’ relationship. It’s great to fun to imagine characters you’d like to see getting it on doing exactly that. The fact they may never do so, at least not officially, is the very reason why fan-fic exists! This week, we give tribute to Steve Rogers’ and Bucky’s (that’s where Stucky comes from) powerful bond!




Bucky Barnes, the bigger guy,

of him and skinny Steve

Then, as Cap, Steve watched Bucky die:

fate, too cruel to believe


Years iced, then Steve came back,

but, so did Bucky, too!

We saw their bromance back on track

to something fresh and new


Bucky’s hair, now grown long,

helped him to keep secret

Though tested, their bond remained strong,

Steve felt they’d make it yet . . .


Stucky stood, and Stucky grew,

to the end of the line

You’ll take all the stupid with you,

If you can’t take see the sign . . .


Arm and shield, let them dance,

Stucky, not Cap/Peggy,

the MCU’s finest bromance,

Stucky, Stucky, Stucky!


If you haven’t already, you can check out Captain America’s Mighty Shield, previously published by May The Verse Be With You. We’ve also other poems, featuring marvel characters (their MCU personas, mostly). With that in mind, watch out for a Falcon offering, coming your way soon! Yes, we’ve coincided this week’s poem to tie in with the debut of Falcon and The Winter Soldier, today!



One Comment
  • Dominic Walsh
    19 March 2021 at 10:40 am -

    I’m more a Steve/Darcy shipper personally but I love Steve and Bucky’s friendship.

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