May The Verse Be With You: Regulation Early DeathS

"The rules for Star Trek Red-Shirts were"

We’ve all heard the old geek-culture joke, Star Wars Storm Trooper fires, misses; Star Trek Red-Shirt dies anyway! With that in mind, here at Sci-Fi Pulse we’ve decided to treat you to a new weekly feature. Each Friday you can look forward to a piece of fun verse inspired by one of the many universes within Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Sword and Sorcery, or pretty much anything else that falls under any category we regularly cover. If it’s been printed or screened, it’s fair game!


Regulation Early DeathS


The rules for Star Trek Red-Shirts were:

you leave the ship. you’re got . . .

It was not custom to infer

how far away the shot?

The monster of the week struck out

but barely had to try

Red jersey? Early death — no doubt;

Fall-guys, hung out to dry

TNG came, with fresh command

that something had to give —

but what would make fans understand

how a Red Shirt could live?

A brand-new boss, Captain Picard —

Red-shirted super star

They picked a yellow to discard

and killed off Tasha Yar!


All words by Benjamin Francis Cassidy

Illustration by L A Cassidy


There it is! Poor Tasha (and countless other sacrifices to plot devices). If you’ve a favourite character then get commenting. You might just see them appear soon. See you next week!

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