May The Verse Be With You: Red Fool

Fortunately, Red Fool perfectly rhymes with Deadpool! Consequently, that was a big help writing this week's piece
Red Fool

Fortunately, Red Fool perfectly rhymes with Deadpool! Consequently. That was a big help writing this week’s piece for May The Verse Be With You. Furthermore, the word fool’s definitely an accurate word to describe Ryan Reynolds, who for many now is Deadpool. Of course, that’s meant as high praise, a testament to his comic genius. So, we offer this tribute to the talented and fantastic actor . . .

Red Fool (Deadpool’s Song)


Creative kills

  come with a smirk,

such quick quips from

the mouthy merc


His trademark swords

chop up bad guys,

he “teabags” them

and shouts ‘surprise’.


Without a doubt

he’ll kill them all

and whilst fighting

he’ll have a ball


With many deaths

in brutal ways


he always says


So often he’s

the big red fool,

the comical,

deadly Deadpool

All words by Benjamin Francis Cassidy

Illustration by L. A. Cassidy


Whilst it’s not exactly clear how it will happen, the third Deadpool film is confirmed as happening. Also, it will take place within the MCU, and so be canonical. That will pose an interesting challenge, due to the fact it will be R-rated. However, the writing is absolutely top-notch by the MCU, team, which strongly suggests they’ll rise to the challenge. Thanks for reading, dear fans. See you next week!

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