May The Verse Be With You: Real Party Animal

Here, we put Dracula into a Halloween party setting, where everyone thinks he's in costume. Turns out it's a party that will

Whilst many have played the iconic character, Christopher Lee will always be the most famous vampire of all. His legendary performances are amongst Hammer Horror’s most memorable moments. Here, we put Dracula into a Halloween party setting, where everyone thinks he’s in costume. Turns out it’s a party that will truly be like no other that they’ve ever been to . . .


A Real Party Animal


Cheap fancy dress,

same boring story

True wickedness

when they meet me


Safe, fake fear,

scares all controlled

Now I’m here

true terror takes hold


Staged damaged veins

and daft false bangs

Their face soon drains –

my real fangs


All there to share

Halloween’s thrills,

me to greedily

feed on my kills


All laid to waste,

torn throats all spread;

that strong, sweet taste

of necks ripped red!


Oh, so quickly,

fates turned to doom

Not one body

     left in the room . . .


All words by Benjamin Francis Cassidy

Illustration by L. A. Cassidy


We thought it would be fun to extend the “spooky period”. Last week we celebrated Bonfire Night, and the week before had a Halloween special. Who doesn’t love a seasonal special? We certainly do, here at May The Verse Be With You. However, between holiday periods, we’ll be here each week to provide you with your regular installment of fun, celebrating our favourite characters.


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