May The Verse Be With You: Ode to Chewbacca

"A walking carpet, big and brown"


This Friday we pay homage to our favourite furry friend and universally loved Wookie, the mighty Chewbacca. A firm fan-favourite, he’s been in the hearts of fans of Star Wars for decades now, and has his very own place in pop culture, too. With that in mind, it seemed only fair to give him an ode all of his own, and attempt to capture some best aspects . . .


Ode to Chewbacca

I think that there could never be

a being hairy as Chewie

A walking carpet, big and brown,

soft as the fluff of eiderdown

But don’t be fooled, he’s also tough,

keep distance once he’s had enough . . .

Attackers going toe to toe

are blasted dead by his crossbow

He’s Han’s best friend, one tough cookie;

just don’t win at chess with a Wookie!



All words by Benjamin Francis Cassidy

Illustration by L A Cassidy


If you ever happen to meet him (or any Wookie) don’t forget, it’s best to let him win the Holo-chess. Just ask C3PO why . . . See you next week with a brand new comic poem!



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