May The Verse Be With You: John Wick’s Wick

A favourite of SciFiPulse and May The Verse Be With You, we figured it's about time gave John Wick his own poem: "John Wick's Wick

A favourite of SciFiPulse and May The Verse Be With You, we figured it’s about time gave John Wick (Keanu Reeves) his own poem: “John Wick’s Wick”. If we didn’t, and he wanted one, well, that might be the last thing we ever do . . . When the world reboots we can’t wait for the next story in the series. In the mean time, stay on the right side of him. He doesn’t give warnings more than once . . .


You wouldn’t want to get on John Wick’s wick . . .

He’d wipe you off the planet super-quick


What they did to his dog was so, so sick

It didn’t half get right on John Wick’s wick


Even without weapons he’s as tough as brick,

once lit, you’d best stand back from John Wick’s wick


Once, he killed with a horse, making it kick

You’re really best not testing John Wick’s wick


Fighting Baba Yaga must mean you’re thick

Because you’ll be burned up by John Wick’s wick


So many ways to kill he takes his pick

Dynamite’s fuse: safer than John Wick’s wick


There’s no assassin who is quite as slick

And nothing burns as short as John Wick’s wick!


All words by Benjamin Francis Cassidy

Illustration by L. A. Cassidy


Our resident artist actually speaks a little Russian, which is pretty cool! So, she wrote the Russian “boogeyman name” as it’s spelt in the native tongue! We hope you’ve enjoyed our tribute to the awesome, ridiculously deadly John Wick. If he reads and likes the poem, great! What a guy to have on side. If he doesn’t, well . . . maybe there won’t be a next week for us? Let’s hope does. Stay safe, all!



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