May The Verse Be With You: ” I am the Law”

"I am the Law"


Some characters are best known by their instantly recognisable faces. This week’s star of May The Verse Be With You is best known for his low growl, that declares justice is about to be served. Perhaps more infamous than famous, if you’re unlucky enough to hear Judge Dredd’s war cry, then you better hope for a miracle. Praying probably won’t do much good. The guy’s pretty much a God, especially so amongst his army of fans.


” I Am The Law”


When he turns up they know what lies in store:

that Dredd-ful  growling voice  “I am the law”

His trademark instils terror to the core,

those Dredd-ful fierce words “I am the law”

It brings fear criminals can’t ignore:

that Dredd-ful death sentence, “I am the law”

Bike, gun and helmet rages one-man war:

that Dredd-ful utterance “I am the law”

With enemies he always wipes the floor;

that Dredd-ful fatal dirge, “I am the law”

On Lawmaster, arriving just before

that Dredd-ful final call, “I am the law”

Crime is the poison – him – the single cure;

that Dredd-ful judgment’s hum, “I am the law”



All words by Benjamin Francis Cassidy

Illustration by L A Cassidy


Whether it’s comic book Dredd, Sylvester Stallone’s depiction, or Karl Urban’s incarnation of the dreadful Dredd, they all have that phrase in common. If you’ve a favourite version or a favourite story from over the years, let us know. See you next week!

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