May The Verse Be With You: ” Arnie”

"Stronger than an iron beam"


Arnie gets a poem all of his own, this week. He’s been in some absolute stonking movies over the years. He’s done pretty much all there is to do for an action movie star. Killed aliens, taken on the devil, fought against super AI and been an agent for it, too. He’s even been pregnant! We give him homage, as we’re massive fans of his movies and for us he’s got to be the ultimate action film superstar.




He’s action superstar supreme,

stronger than an iron beam

The greatest bad guy ever cast

and for his size he ain’t half fast


So many awesome movies made,

some funnies, but never forget

there’s every need to be afraid;

he’s biggest, baddest, when on set


His smashing boundaries paved the way,

he’s always there to save the day

No one beats this one-man army,

Impossible to top — Arnie!


All words by Benjamin Francis Cassidy

Illustration by L A Cassidy


There’s only one Arnie. We’re glad for all his antics and starring roles. It’s easy to forget that he’s also a gifted comedy actor. Maybe he’ll ever win an Oscar, but Hollywood would be far lesser without its biggest name (quite literally). We hope to see him soon in another romp. If he’s there, so are we. What’s your favourite Arnie movie or moment? Get commenting and let us know! See you next week!

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