May the Verse be With You: All Cop

"The future of law enforcement"

Bursting onto our screens in 1987, Robocop was like nothing else. Gritty and raw, the violence and massively increased crime rates in the film were very much based on post-industrial Detroit. The solution in the film was to use a powerful force to stop this: Robocop! The original film poster stated that he was “Part man. Part Machine. All cop”, and was “The future of law enforcement”. Good old Robocop! Here’s our homage to him . . .



All Cop


Alex Murphy

shot to death,

then resurrected

with new breath

Armed all in grey

he kills crooks,

but is subjected

to strange looks

By night, by day

upholding law,

Detroit corrupted

at the core

Gun aimed one way –

to clean streets –

once scum’s detected

he deletes

Fierce force they

cannot stop;

public, protected –



All words by Benjamin Francis Cassidy

Illustration by L. A. Cassidy


Whilst there were sequels (we don’t mention the woeful remake), has been many comics and other related spin-offs, it’s the first and best film that we’ll always hold dearest. Peter Weller was Robocop and always will be. Oh, and who can forget the immortal lines, “Can you fly, Bobby?” and “I’d buy that for a dollar! Absolutely legendary stuff, see you next week!



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