A Look At This Year’s Superhero Movies

Deadpool is probably the best of the superhero movies to come out so far this year.

There are a good deal of new superhero movies coming out this year, and hopefully those yet left to come out can live up to their four predecessors that have already made it through the theaters with record numbers. Whether or not you read comic books, you can still appreciate the greatness that goes into today’s superhero movies, from effects to stellar acting skills.

There are some things you need to remember when it comes to superhero movies, especially if you have children. There are fight scenes, there will be people using guns and other weapons, and there might even be death scenes. There could be a lot to explain. Plus, with movies like Deadpool, you’ll find a lot of adult humor that might not be suitable for some younger viewers.

Nonetheless, here’s a look at the movies you’ve hopefully not missed so far, and why you need to check them out.


Deadpool is probably the best of the superhero movies to come out so far this year. Why? Because it crosses the line on so many levels, and has you laughing all the way through it. While it is not the right movie for a family night with the little ones, it is worth a watch for older kids and adults.

It was touted as a romantic movie, because it hit theaters on Valentine’s Day weekend, but it’s more of a jilted romance, with a somewhat sad (or maybe horrific) story. However, you’ll find yourself in love with Deadpool, as long as he keeps his mask on, and you’ll enjoy the comedy relief that happens all the way through, even to the after credits bit.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

There was a lot of concern whether or not Ben Affleck could pull off the Batman, but he did it with grace and ease. Jesse Eisenberg, however, was the worst Lex Luthor in the history of Batman movies. You do get a decent amount of storyline, as well, with this movie, even though it’s mostly packed with a ton of action, crashes, and breaking things.

X-Men: Apocalypse

Likely the best of the X-Men movies done thus far, Apocalypse had the best casting yet, with Alexandra Shipp filling the role of Storm far better than Halle Berry could have ever dreamed of. While they still twisted the comic book storylines to a huge degree, it was fun to watch.

The scene with Quicksilver saving everyone when the school explodes is probably the most memorable. And, as far as costumes, the very authentic Psylocke costume worn by Olivia Munn was spot on.

Captain America: Civil War

Coming in at a very close second in many movie fans books, to Deadpool, was the newest Captain America film. No matter whose side you were on (it better have been Captain America’s) you got to see a great action packed movie with some of your favorite comic book characters, including Spider Man. However, Black Panther definitely stole the show.

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