‘Logan’s Run’ Will Be Warner Bros ‘Hunger Games’, Says Producer

'Logan's Run' is set in a future society where citizens above the age of 21 — 30 in the 1976 movie version starring Michael York — are sentenced to death.

The Warner Bros reboot of ‘Logan’s Run’, which seems to have been in development for pretty much an eternity is moving forward with writer and producer Simon Kinberg attached.

In a recent interview the director said that this new take on the classic 70’s franchise, which spawned an ill fated television series will be Warner Bros answer to ‘The Hunger Games.’

“It’s something that potentially is their ‘Hunger Games’ kind of franchise that is about a younger audience for a younger audience with a big idea,” the writer/producer says of the studio’s plans

‘Logan’s Run’ is set in a future society where citizens above the age of 21 — 30 in the 1976 movie version starring Michael York — are sentenced to death. Some try to escape their fate by dropping out of society in search of a mythical place called Sanctuary, where all can live to old age. In the book’s, movie and subsequent TV series, which starred Gregory Harrison. Logan Five is sent on a mission to find Sanctuary and destroy it.

Kinberg told Collider, the potential for a future franchise meant that while writing the screenplay for the new movie, “there is some thought about what the future films would be and where you could take Logan in future movies, but the focus is on ‘Making a great movie.’ It was ‘Let’s make one great movie that people fall in love with but be prepared that if they do, we could make future films and what would they look like and where would you go again with the character in the next film?'”

As a screenwriter Kinberg will have no shortage of material to draw inspiration from. Writers William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson did a total of three ‘Logan’s Run’ novels and in the early 2000’s Nolan oversaw a few comic book adventures for the characters and even retold the novel in comic book format.

Kinberg claiming that this will be Warner Bros answer to ‘Hunger Games’ is pretty funny when it was ‘Logan’s Run’ back in the 70s that helped define the genre, which ‘Hunger Games’ has arguably updated for the modern audience and done so far much more successfully to boot.

Upon its release in 1976 the original ‘Logan’s Run’ movie did not particularly fair well, but it went onto be a cult classic in the eyes of genre fans. The biggest thing the original film did different from the books was having people put to death at 30. In the books it was 21. Which kind of makes the novel ‘Logan’s Run’ a Ya story from a time before the term Ya was even thought of.


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