‘Logan’s Run’ Reboot Gets A Jump From Writer/Producer Simon Kinberg

The long gestating 'Logan's Run' remake is looking to be closer to becoming a reality.

The long gestating ‘Logan’s Run’ remake is looking to be closer to becoming a reality.

Earlier in the week the prospects of the remake were boosted with the addition of Simon Kinberg who has had great success for his work on films such as ‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ and various other well received science fiction and fantasy movies from recent years.

Indeed Kinberg seems to be burning pretty hot at present with him being a part of the successful animated ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ series and also being connected to one of the ‘Star Wars’ tie-in movies. So that heat alone could be a good think for the ‘Logan’s Run’ remake, which has had more false starts than an Olympic sprinter.

‘Logan’s Run’ is based on the short book series, which was written by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson. The book centred on a dystopian society where people were put to death at a certain age in order to keep resources manageable and the population under control. In the books folks were put to death at 20, but in the 1976 movie it was 30. The story focused on Logan 5 a sandman who is tasked by the great computer that runs things to find Sanctuary and destroy it. Sanctuary being a mythical place where runners try and find when trying to escape the death sentence that everyone is born with.

According to Hollywood Reporter Kinberg is being hired to write the story and treatment for the movie project. He will also join Joel Silver as a producer on the project. The script will be tackled by a writer to be hired in the near future.

Kinberg is just the latest high profile name to latch onto this film. At one point Bryan Singer was attached to direct, but his other commitments got in the way. Nicolas Winding Refn oversaw development and hoped to direct. Ryan Gosling was even attached to star in the project around the 2010 mark, and that still didn’t get the project to the starting line.

Lets hope they can get it up and running this time.

The novel series presaged the current post-apocalyptic craze and its influence can be seen in books ranging from ‘The Maze Runner’ to ‘Divergent.’

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