Lindsay Wagner’s Doctor Calder To Visit Syfy’s ‘Alphas’

Late last week scifipulse was fortunate enough to take part in a phone conference with Lindsay Wagner, who became somewhat of a science fiction icon for her role of...


Late last week scifipulse was fortunate enough to take part in a phone conference with Lindsay Wagner, who became somewhat of a science fiction icon for her role of Jaime Sommers in the hit 70s and 80s series The Bionic Woman.

Last year the actress came out of semi retirement to play the role of Dr. Calder on the hit Syfy series Warehouse 13 and reprised the role in this weeks episodes, but the big news that has been doing the rounds of late is that she will also be playing Dr. Calder in a forthcoming episode of the new Syfy series Alphas.

The episode she will appear in is called ‘Never Let Me Go,’ which is the fifth episode of the first season. During the chat we got to ask Lindsay a little about her role in the episode.

When asked about Alphas initially Lindsay was kind of unsure on what she could tell us, but did confirm that she would be in an episode.

Lindsay Wagner: Dr. Calder has gone to visit the Alpha team. And I don’t know that I can say much more about it. It’s kind of a cameo visit, like I did before early on in the Warehouse show.

And I don’t know which episode it is though. But I’m sure that they can fill you in with that. But yes, she went to see the Alphas. And I don’t know of any other shows at the moment that that’s going to happen with. But you never know, Syfy’s pretty creative like that.

Not giving up we decided to take a different tack and asked Lindsay how different Dr. Calder’s interactions were with The Alpha team verses her interactions with the characters on Warehouse 13.

Lindsay Wagner: Well I think thus far the part that I’ve played on Warehouse, the fun kind of banter that dominates the dialogue on Warehouse really kind of only takes place between Artie and myself, but not when she’s – not – thus far, not when Dr. Vanessa has been focused on something very serious.

It didn’t seem odd or out of character for her to be serious the whole time on Alphas. It didn’t seem out of character at all. You’ll see when you see it.

It is a more serious show and our scenes were pretty straight forward and serious because we were dealing with a real crisis that Dr. Calder comes to – is involved in helping with this odd situation before they figure it out.

We also touched a little on Warehouse 13 during the chat and I asked how Lindsay if she could see herself playing a more regular part on Warehouse 13 if it were ever offered. Especially given that she feels the same sense of family on Warehouse 13 that she enjoyed when working on The Bionic Woman back in the 80s.

Lindsay Wagner: Yes I could, it’s fun.

And if you remember The Bionic Woman much more so than The Six Million Dollar Man, we had a lot of humor in that show. And that was one of the reasons that I actually enjoy the Warehouse show and what kind of attracted me to it in the first place was that they were dealing with serious things but they were also – have a wonderful humor.

And their writers are very talented I think in coming up with the banter and balancing it with the adventure or the action or whatever you would call that, the drama part of it. And I enjoy that. I – Dr. Calder, quite frankly, hasn’t gotten to do much of that.

And it also is a matter of finding her personality. When you have a character ongoing, it takes sometimes a little while to find that character that’s being expressed through a particular actor.

It sometimes takes a little while to find their form of humor as opposed to trying to squeeze an actor into the humor that’s kind of typically written for another actor. And so I think it would be fun and it would be interesting to see how it would unfold if they felt that would be helpful for the show.

But I think Dr. Calder’s position, I’m not sure exactly how that character would or could be more involved because of the fact she’s a doctor. Do you know what I’m saying; yes but, thus far it’s – I mean it is a much more substantial role that I have this time. And I am involved in the caper the whole way through the show.

But again, you know it would take some creativity to justify having a doctor there all the time, I think, the way the show is structured at this point.

In one of the Warehouse 13 episodes that Lindsay appeared in last year. She shared some really nice scenes with Claudia played by Allison Scagliotti and when asked if she’d get more scenes of that nature with Scagliotti in the current season she answered not yet, but she had high praise for the young actress.

Lindsay Wagner: She’s absolutely fabulous. I think she is so talented. And I really enjoyed having the chance to work with her in that scene — it was wonderful. But hopefully someday I’ll have another one. But pretty much my character’s involved with Artie, you know at this point. She’s in them, but she’s kind of back there rooting on our relationship.

You can catch all-new episodes of Warehouse 13 and Syfys new series Alphas every Monday on Syfy Channel in the USA.

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