Lemmy the Luggabeast takes Infinity Con by storm!

This past July 16th & 17th saw the Force Awaken in Lakeland Florida by Roxxy's the Rancor's little brother Lemmy the Luggabeast.

This past weekend saw all kinds of Cosplayers and fans of Science Fiction, Horror, Comic s and Super Heroes converge on Infinity Con at the Columbus Fairgrounds in Lake City Florida. While the convention itself had a  Battlestar Galactica themed celebrity guest list including the award winning actor Edward James Olmos and the Colonial Father of us all, Richard Hatch, Infinity Con also had another very special and larger than life guest, Lemmy the Luggabeast.

Little brother to the very beautiful and very large Roxy the Rancor, Lemmy is an exact scale replica of the Luggabeast made famous by Ray and BB-8’s initial meeting in Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Lemmy like Roxy, was commissioned by the 501st and created by Rick Bohler of Pizzazz Scenic Contractors, making his debut at this years MegaCon in Orlando Florida and now tours the country and conventions to bring joy and amusement to fans of all ages.

At the recent Infinity Con, Lemmy and his handlers Matt Masterson and Christopher Revenaugh were front and center within the massive Infinity Con tent, with most of the conventions attendees and guests stopping by to say hi to Lemmy, climb on board and take a photo. Among those Infinity Con guests who stopped by to visit Lemmy, as this Luggabeast is quite simply as close to the real thing as anyone can get short of traveling to Jakku; were Edward James Olmos, Richard Hatch and James Callis from Battlestar Galactica, Laura Tyler of Face Off fame who also posed with BB-8, as well as Michael Koske of The Walking Dead just to name a few.

But to be sure, everyone at Infinity Con stopped by at one time or another, with a slew of fans and cosplayers along with Darth Vader and the 501st wanting nothing more than to get a little time next to Lemmy. Being in his presence somehow awakens the inner child in all of us as Lemmy is very strong in the Force! Keep up the good work to Lemmy and his team.

May the Force Be With You and So Say We All!


Tye Bourdony is the co-owner of scifipulse.net as well as the U.S. based content editor for Sci Fi Pulse. Tye is also a Sci Fi cartoonist and creator of ‘The Lighter Side of Sci-Fi’, a mediator, deep space traveler, and the lead interstellar reporter for the Galactic Enquirer. He is also a graduate of the Barry University School of Law, SUNY Purchase and H.S. of Music & Art. Tye currently works in Florida’s 9th Circuit as the staff Family Mediator and has a regular self-published column in Sci Fi Magazine. You can visit Tye on facebook and at www.thelightersideofscifi.com or send your thoughts and story/article ideas to tyebscifipulseditor@aol.com.
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